2018 Pioneer League

October 10, 2018   | Leave a comment

Let’s learn about the Pioneer League as we continue our Masters in the Minors Series.  Have you been to Idaho, Montana or Utah?  Ed Kasputis interviews Jim McCurdy, President of the Pioneer League about the league he leads.


2018 Playoff Preview – Part 1

October 7, 2018   | Leave a comment

Happy Columbus Day as our PhD Committee reviews the playoffs and debate whether the playoffs can be improved.


2018 Northwest League

October 3, 2018   | Leave a comment

Our PhD Committee explores the Northwest League as Ed Kasputis interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about this Single A short season league.


2018 Wild Card Preview

September 30, 2018   | Leave a comment

October is finally here as we preview the upcoming wild card games and Ed Kasputis interviews Alex Hall from athleticsnation.com.


2018 NY Penn League

September 26, 2018   | Leave a comment

We continue our Masters in the Minors series as we explore the NY Penn League.  Ed Kasputis interviews Holly Copper who has been a host family mother for the past eight seasons.


2018 Toronto Blue Jays

September 23, 2018   | Leave a comment

We complete our Season 9 survey of all MLB teams with the Toronto Blue Jays. O Canada, the Jays ain’t what they used to be as Ed Kasputis interviews Tom Dakers from bluebirdbanter.com.


2018 South Atlantic League

September 19, 2018   | Leave a comment

We continue with our Masters in the Minors series as we explore the current baseball home of Tim Tebow, the South Atlantic League.  Ed Kasputis interviews Joe Connor aka Mr. Sports Travel about this charming league.


2018 Seattle Mariners

September 16, 2018   | Leave a comment

They started fast and are finishing slow. The Mariners are slip sliding away as Ed Kasputis interviews Kate Preusser from lookoutlanding.com.


2018 Midwest League

September 12, 2018   | Leave a comment

We continue our Masters in the Minors series as we explore the Midwest League.  Ed Kasputis interviews both Dave Matejczyk and Neil Stein, General Manager of the Lake County Captains about the Midwest League.


2018 St. Louis Cardinals

September 9, 2018   | Leave a comment

Are the Cardinals playoff bound or could they get nipped at the wire? Ed Kasputis interviews Rick Zucker from the St. Louis Chapter of SABR about the Cardinals future and our PhD Committee reminds us to never forget as September 11 approaches.