2019 Milwaukee Brewers

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It’s Brewer time as Ed prepares to travel to Milwaukee and see the Brewers. Ed Kasputis interviews Kristen Settle from VisitMilwuakee.org about all the things to see in this great city by the lake.


2019 Minicast – St. Luke’s Hospital

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In 2012, Ed Kasputis visited St. Luke’s International Hospital in Tokyo to retrace the steps of Catcher and OSS spy, Moe Berg who visited the hospital on November 29, 1934 and shot video of the Tokyo skyline.  Later during World War II, Berg shared this video with the U.S. Government.  Kasputis interviews Kaoru Oda and Sumio Yabu from the roof of St. Luke’s.


Mariners in Tokyo again

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Ichiro and the Mariners have landed in Tokyo as they prepare to open their season against the A’s. Ed Kasputis interviews Mike Rice from Northwest SABR about his beloved Mariners.


2019 Minicast – Marty Kuehnert

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From Tokyo, Ed Kasputis interviews Marty Kuehnert, Senior Advisor to the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles about his 40+ year career as an American baseball executive in Japan.


A’s in Tokyo again

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The A’s are heading back to Tokyo as Ed Kasputis interviews Shane Barclay from JapanBall.com and Alex Hall from AthleticsNation.com.


2019 Minicast – Japanese Ballpark Food

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As the A’s and Mariners prepare to open the 2019 MLB season in Tokyo, Ed Kasputis interviews Susan Hamaker from shrinecastle.com about the various delicious foods at Japanese ballparks.


2018 World Champion Boston Red Sox

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We pay homage to the World Champion Boston Red Sox as our PhD Committee also ponders the Philadelphia Phillies free agent signing of Bryce Harper.  Ed Kasputis interviews Boston writer and radio personality, Dom Nicastro about his mighty Red Sox.


2019 Minicast – Ted Williams

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Ed Kasputis interviews Boston author, Bill Nowlin about Red Sox great, Ted Williams.


2019 Spring Training

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Our Season 10 has begun as we celebrate the start of spring with our Spring Training podcast. Manny Machado has found his new home but what about Bryce Harper?


2019 Hot Springs, Arkansas

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Season 10 will begin in a few days as our PhD Committee learns about baseball’s first spring training venue, Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Ed Kasputis interviews baseball historian, Bill Jenkinson about Hot Springs and the most important spring training home run of all time.