Out with the Old…

July 12, 2020   | Leave a comment

Out with the Old and in with the New as our baseball world is quickly changing with players opting out of the 2020 season, teams pondering changing their names and the newly born Posey twins. Ed Kasputis interviews new podcaster, David Graf from the Pioneer League Podcast.


2020 Minicast – The Last Best League

July 8, 2020   | Leave a comment

Ed Kasputis interviews author Jim Collins about his updated book, The Last Best League.


MLB Summer Camp

July 5, 2020   | Leave a comment

We’re excited as MLB Summer Camps open throughout the baseball land. We discuss the upcoming season but thoughtfully ponder what if various scenarios play out with COVID 19 and force the close of the 2020 season.


2020 Minicast – Stars & Strikes

July 1, 2020   | Leave a comment

Ed Kasputis interviews author, Dan Epstein about his book, Stars and Strikes: Baseball and America in the Bicentennial Summer of ’76.


COVID Strike 2

June 28, 2020   | Leave a comment

We celebrate as MLB Spring Training 2.0 begins on July 1, 2020. We fear that a second wave of the coronavirus could be starting. Our PhD Committee ponders as Ed Kasputis interviews Chris Vitali from ballnine.com.


2020 Minicast – The Great Eight

June 24, 2020   | Leave a comment

Let’s go back to 1975 and remember The Great Eight from the Big Red Machine as Ed Kasputis interviews baseball researcher and editor, Mark Armour.


Tired of the Noise

June 21, 2020   | Leave a comment

We are tired of the noise as MLB owners and the MLB Player’s Association continue to bicker about whether to start the 2020 season. Our PhD Committee discusses and our podcast concludes as we get perspective from the one and only, Zack Hample.


2020 Minicast – The Last 42

June 17, 2020   | Leave a comment

Ed Kasputis interviews comedian and author, Steve Melia about his book, The Last 42: Life is Short – Enjoy the Journey which honors both Yankee closer, Mariano Rivera and Steve’s older brother, Jim who passed away on August 2, 2013.


100% Game Delay

June 14, 2020   | Leave a comment

Commissioner Manfred has promised that there will be a 2020 MLB Season. We celebrate and discuss but with an eye on the reality that the devil is always in the details.


2020 Minicast – Ray Chapman & Me

June 10, 2020   | Leave a comment

Ed Kasputis interviews children’s author, Dan Gutman about his book, Ray & Me.