2015 Hall of Fame Review

January 20, 2015   | Leave a comment

Episode 292 - 2015 Hall of Fame Review

Our PhD Committee salutes the 2015 National Baseball Hall of Fame inductees and Ed Kasputis interviews baseball researcher and author, Andre Lower from baseballbypositions.com.


Merry Christmas San Diego

December 23, 2014   | Leave a comment

Episode 291 - Merry Christmas San Diego

Santa has been very kind to the Padres this week.  Ed Kasputis interviews San Diego baseball researcher James D. Smith III about the Padres good fortune.


2014 Christmas Podcast

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Episode 290 - Christmas Podcast

Merry Christmas as our PhD Committee talks about our two favorite topics, baseball and Christmas.


Donaldson goes to Toronto

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Episode 289 - Donaldson goes to Toronto

Ed Kasputis interviews Alex Hall from athleticsnation.com about the A’s trading their best player to the Toronto Blue Jays.  Is Billy Beane crazy like a fox or will 2015 be a rebuilding year?


Minicast – Wrigley Field Renovations

November 17, 2014   | Leave a comment

Episode 288 - Wrigley Field Renovations

Our PhD Committee interviews Al Yellon, managing editor of bleedcubbieblue.com about Joe Madden, Wrigley Field Renovations and much, much more.


2014 Minicast – Japanese Ballpark Food

November 13, 2014   | Leave a comment

Episode 114 - Japanese Ball Park Foods

With our MLB All-Stars in Japan, Ed Kasputis interviews Susan Hamaker from shrinecastle.com about the various delicious foods at Japanese ballparks.


Hail to the Giants

November 2, 2014   | Leave a comment

Episode 287 - Hail to the Giants

Hail to the Giants as we ponder is Madison Bumgarner a legend?  Are the Giants a dynasty?  With 3 World Series rings, has Bruce Bochy secured his spot in Cooperstown?


2014 World Series

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Episode 286 - World Series

Giants vs. Royals.  Will a dynasty from the Bay be anointed or are we about to enjoy a Disney baseball movie?  We ponder as we get ready for the Fall Classic.


2014 Game 6 Road Trip Re-broadcast

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Episode 83 - Game 6 Road Trip

Let’s remember one of the greatest World Series games of all time – Game 6 of the the 2011 World Series.


2014 Minicast – Arizona Fall League

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Episode 84 - Arizona Fall League

Our PhD Committee is in Phoenix sharing the best kept secret in baseball – The Arizona Fall League.  Ed Kasputis interviews Steve Cobb, Director of the Arizona Fall League and Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor shares his travel insights on the Valley of the Sun.