2018 Moe Berg Re-broadcast

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The Catcher Who Was a Spy

This week we honor the man who inspired the creation of Baseball PhD – Moe Berg (1902 – 1972).  Moe Berg got his PhD in life – through baseball.  Berg spoke 12 languages travelled the world, played in the major leagues and served as America’s foremost atomic spy during World War II.  Berg knew about the existence of America’s atomic bomb before President Truman!  Discover his story as Ralph BergerLouis JacobsonChuck BrodskyLinda McCarthy and our PhD Committee remember Moe Berg.


2018 Tampa Bay Rays

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The Tampa Bay area is beautiful as we talk about the Rays. Ed Kasputis interviews Paul Sullivan from sullybaseball.com about this year’s Rays.


2018 Minicast – St. Luke’s Hospital

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In 2012, Ed Kasputis visited St. Luke’s International Hospital in Tokyo to retrace the steps of Catcher and OSS spy, Moe Berg who visited the hospital on November 29, 1934 and shot video of the Tokyo skyline.  Later during World War II, Berg shared this video with the U.S. Government.  Kasputis interviews Kaoru Oda and Sumio Yabu from the roof of St. Luke’s.


2018 Atlanta Braves

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Bravo to the Bravos!!! The Braves are exceeding everyone’s expectations as Ed Kasputis interviews baseball writer, Bennett Hipp on what is making the Braves thrive.


2018 New York Yankees

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The Bronx Bombers are hitting home runs at a record pace but do they need more starting pitching? Ed Kasputis interviews Yankee sportscaster Ed Randall as our PhD Committee awaits the new Moe Berg bio pic, The Catcher was a Spy.


2018 Minicast – Designated Hebrew

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Ed Kasputis interviews Major League Baseball’s first designated hitter, Yankee great – Ron Blomberg about  the re-release of his book, Designated Hebrew.


2018 Pittsburgh Pirates

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It’s Memorial Day as the Pirates are exceeding expectations. Ed Kasputis interviews Duane Rieder, founder of the Clemente Museum as we talk about all things 21.


2018 The Walker Brothers

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Ed Kasputis and Dave Matejczyk interview baseball historian, Craig Brown about Moses Fleetwood Walker (1856 – 1924) and Weldy Walker (1860 – 1937), who were the first two African American professional baseball players.


2018 Los Angeles Angels

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Anaheim is beautiful as we talk about this year’s Angels. Is Mike Trout having the best season in the history of Major League Baseball? Ed Kasputis interviews Jessica DeLine from halosheaven.com about her beloved Angels.


2018 Minicast – High Heat

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Ed Kasputis interviews author, Tim Wendel about his book, High Heat: The Secret History of the Fastball and the Improbable Search for the Fastest Pitcher of All Time.