2012 Christmas Podcast Re-broadcast

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Merry Christmas.  In this podcast, Ed, Farley & Dave share their knowledge about computer tablets and wide screen tv’s.  Our PhD Committee interviews Baseball Bob about hot stove league trades and free agency acquisitions.  Ed interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about designing the “biggest bang for your buck” baseball road trip for 2013.  Our podcast concludes as we prepare for our December 31st podcast tribute to Roberto Clemente.


2011 Christmas Podcast

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Merry Christmas with our first Christmas podcast.  Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor tells us about the top 5 international baseball places to see.  Baseball Bob talks about Christmas in Anaheim (Go Pujols!) and Chris Niccolls from thecameratore.com compares the Nikon V1 against the Sony NEX-7 so we can determine the best baseball camera for 2012.  The podcast concludes as we remember Christmas night, 1776.


2019 Casey Stengel

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Ed Kasputis interviews Marty Appel about his book, Casey Stengel: Baseball’s Greatest Character.


2019 Is T.V. killing Baseball?

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Is T.V. killing baseball?  On October 9, 1916, the Boston Red Sox defeated the Brooklyn Robins in Game 2 of the World Series in 14 innings.  The game lasted two hours and thirty minutes.  On October 26, 2018, the Red Sox defeated the Dodgers in 18 innings.  This game last seven hours and twenty minutes.  Were you up when this game ended?


Sign Stealing

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Our PhD Committee reviews the history of sign stealing and the recent development that the Houston Astros have been accused of improper sign stealing from 2017 through 2019.


2019 Minicast – Michael Zagaris

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Ed Kasputis interviews photography icon, Michael Zagaris who is the official photographer to both the Oakland A’s and San Francisco 49ers.


2019 Minicast – Grape Radio

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In 2010, award winning podcast Grape Radio helped to inspire the creation of Baseball PhD.  Ed Kasputis interviews and pays homage to Jay Selman from Grape Radio.


2019 Ernie Banks minicast

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In 2016, as the Cubs prepared for the National League Championship Series, our PhD Committee remembered baseball’s greatest ambassador and Hall of Fame great, Ernie Banks who passed away on January 23, 2015.  Let’s play two.


2019 Pitchers & Catchers Re-broadcast

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Ed, Farley & Mark review Moe Berg’s famous article that Berg wrote for the Atlantic Monthly in 1941 – “Pitchers & Catchers.”  Be sure to check out our Episode 36 – Moe Berg as our PhD Committee pays homage to the man who inspired Baseball PhD.


2019 Bush & the Babe

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On June 5, 1948, Babe Ruth met future President George H.W. Bush on the ball fields of Yale.  We remember and honor the legacy of both of these great Americans who have impacted our lives, our culture and our country.  Our podcast concludes as Ed Kasputis interviews author, Jerry Amernic on his book, Babe Ruth – A Superstar’s Legacy.