2018 Baseball Comedy

April 18, 2018   | Leave a comment

Our PhD Committee examines and celebrates the comedians who love baseball through their unforgettable skits.


2018 Minnesota Twins

April 15, 2018   | Leave a comment

Target Field is covered in April snow while many predict that a Twins playoff appearance this year is a go. Congratulations Joe Mauer on hit 2,000 as Ed Kasputis interviews former MLB relief pitcher, author and inventor, Mark Littell about the game we love.


2018 Baseball Law

April 11, 2018   | Leave a comment

Our PhD Committee examines how the law influences our national pastime.  Ed Kasputis interviews Professor & Judge Louis H. Schiff about his newly released book that he has co-authored, Baseball and the Law: Cases and Materials.


2018 Cleveland Indians

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If the Cleveland Indians do not win the World Series in 2018, their season will be a failure. Mark and Farley sprout they enthusiasm for the Tribe as Ed Kasputis interviews Morris Eckhouse and David Bodemer about Lou Bourdreau.


2018 Minicast – Cook & Son PhD Ceremony

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Our PhD Committee honors Todd Cook and his six year old son, Tim as they completed their baseball journey by visiting all 30 current Major League ballparks in 2012.


2018 Arizona Diamondbacks

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Let’s go Dbacks as we examine their prospects for this year. Our PhD Committee interviews Jeff Cohen and Len Aberman about their new podcast, Baseball and BBQ and Ed Kasputis interviews Professor Bruce Bukiet about his MLB predictions for 2018.


Our 2018 Predictions

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We celebrate opening day by making our 2018 MLB playoff predictions. How smart will our PhD Committee appear to be in 6 months?


National League Champion Los Angeles Dodgers

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We honor the National League Champion Los Angeles Dodgers as Ed Kasputis interviews Jim Campanis, Jr. about his book, Born into Baseball: Laughter and Heartbreak at the Edge of the Show.


2018 Minicast – Watching Baseball Smarter

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Ed Kasputis interviews baseball writer and author, Zack Hample about his book, Watching Baseball Smarter.


World Champion Houston Astros

March 18, 2018   | Leave a comment

Season 9 has started as we honor the World Champion Houston Astros. Ed Kasputis interviews broadcaster and author, Greg Lucas about his book, Houston to Cooperstown: The Houston Astros’ Biggio & Bagwell Years.