A Fan’s-Eye View of the Baseball Hall of Fame

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As we get ready for the results of which of our heroes will be elected to the Hall of Fame, Ed Kasputis interviews Matt Sullivan, co-author of A Fan’s-Eye View of the Baseball Hall of Fame: A Critique of Baseball’s Greatest Institution.


When Hell Freezes Over

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Cubs win!  Trump Wins!  Wait ’til next year is here as our PhD Committee discusses how the improbable is our new reality.


2016 World Series

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The Cubs are coming to Cleveland as the two most World Series drought stricken teams collide in the 112th Fall Classic.  Will the dancing in the streets take place in Chicago or Cleveland?


Baseball Talk Radio First Live Podcast

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Baseball Talk Radio’s first live podcast with Rich Baxter, Gary Mack and Ed Kasputis as we prepare for Game 6 of the National League Championship Series.  Will it be the Dodgers or the Cubs headed to Cleveland for the 112th edition of the Fall Classic?


2016 Minicast – Banzai Babe Ruth

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Episode 116 - Banzai Babe Ruth

Ed Kasputis interviews Robert K. Fitts about his book, Banzai Babe Ruth: Baseball, Espionage and Assassination during the 1934 Tour of Japan.


2016 League Championship Series

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The Tribe is up by 2 while the Cubs are up by 1.  We talk about the final 4 as we anticipate more fun.  Congratulations to Paul Sullivan and Professor Bruce Bukiet for winning our 2016 Predictions Contest.


2016 Ernie Banks minicast

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Episode 293 - Ernie Banks

As the Cubs prepare for the National League Championship Series, our PhD Committee remembers baseball’s greatest ambassador and Hall of Fame great, Ernie Banks who passed away on January 23, 2015.  Let’s play two.


2016 Minicast – Driving Mr. Yogi

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Episode 146 - Driving Mr Yogi

Ed Kasputis interviews New York Times columnist, Harvey Araton about his book, Driving Mr. Yogi.


2016 Mel Allen Re-broadcast

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Episode 39 - Mel Allen

Mordecai Israel was his name

Mel Allen was born in Birmingham, Alabama and grew up to become the “Voice of the Yankees“.  Our PhD Committee relives his great life with the help of authors, Stephen BorelliStanley Cohen and Rob Edelman. Our podcast also talks about Cliff Lee returning to the Phillies and notable baseball deaths for 2010.  Then it’s time for At the Mixer with Marty Allen (no relation to Mel).


2016 Wild Card Preview

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We review the Wild Card races, remember Jose Fernandez and say good bye to the greatest baseball announcer of all time – Vin Scully.