2014 Chicago Cubs

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Episode 254 - Chicago Cubs

Renovate Wrigley?  We debate along with Ed Kasputis’ great interview with Corey Fineran from IvyEnvy.com.


Minicast – George Will

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Episode 253 - George Will

Our PhD Committee interviews American journalist and author, George Will about his new book, A Nice Little Place On The North Side: Wrigley Field At One Hundred.


2014 Washington Nationals

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Episode 252 - Washington Nationals

Let’s go Nats!  Can 2014 be a repeat of 2012?  Ed Kasputis interviews Joe Drugan from thenatsblog.com. Next podcast we’ll opine from the friendly confines - Wrigley Field at One Hundred.


Our 2014 Predictions

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Episode 251 - Our 2014 Predictions

It’s time for our 2014 Major League Baseball predictions.  Enjoy.


2014 Baltimore Orioles

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Episode 250 - Baltimore Orioles

Episode 250 and we’re in Baltimore with a foot still in Montreal as we remember a great weekend.  Ed Kasputis interviews Scott “Big Boy” Magnus from the podcast, Bird’s Eye View and Expos lover Nick Vincelli.


Professor Bukiet’s 2014 MLB Predictions

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Episode 249 - Professor Bukiet

Learn the future through the power of math as Ed Kasputis interviews our 2013 Predictions Champ, Professor Bruce Bukiet from the New Jersey Institute of Technology about this year’s upcoming season.


2014 St. Louis Cardinals

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Episode 248 - St Louis Cardinals

The Red Birds look strong and are favored to win the NL Central again.  Ed Kasputis interviews Ben Humphrey from vivaelbirdos.com and Andrew Menczel from Australian Cricket Podcast about MLB’s opening day in Sydney.


2014 Jack Buck Re-broadcast

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Episode 41 - Jack Buck

Jack Buck (1924 – 2002) called 11 World Series, 4 Major League All-Star games and 18 Super Bowls.  Ed, Farley and Mark review Buck‘s career and make their 2010 Super Bowl predictions in his honor.  Ed interviews author Curt Smith about Buck and Marty Allen shares his worst day in radio.  The podcast concludes as our PhD Committee says good bye to Jack Buck and hello to Farley’s favorite baseball sportscaster - Harry Caray (1914 – 1998).  Don’t miss Farley’s Grand Finale.  It would make Harry Caray smile!


World Champion Boston Red Sox

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Episode 247 - Boston Red Sox

We’re in Bean Town honoring the World Champions.  Ed interviews Red Sox beat reporter, Jason Mastrodonato about this year’s Red Sox.  Can they repeat and who will be their opening day center fielder.


2014 Minicast – Underground Railroad

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Episode 86 - Underground Railroad

Next to Cincinnati‘s Great American Ballpark is the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.  Ed Kasputis interviews Paul Bernish about this must see museum.