2019 Ernie Banks minicast

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In 2016, as the Cubs prepared for the National League Championship Series, our PhD Committee remembered baseball’s greatest ambassador and Hall of Fame great, Ernie Banks who passed away on January 23, 2015.  Let’s play two.


2019 Pitchers & Catchers Re-broadcast

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Ed, Farley & Mark review Moe Berg’s famous article that Berg wrote for the Atlantic Monthly in 1941 – “Pitchers & Catchers.”  Be sure to check out our Episode 36 – Moe Berg as our PhD Committee pays homage to the man who inspired Baseball PhD.


2019 Bush & the Babe

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On June 5, 1948, Babe Ruth met future President George H.W. Bush on the ball fields of Yale.  We remember and honor the legacy of both of these great Americans who have impacted our lives, our culture and our country.  Our podcast concludes as Ed Kasputis interviews author, Jerry Amernic on his book, Babe Ruth – A Superstar’s Legacy.


2019 World Series Review

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The Washington Nationals are the baseball champions of the World!  Our PhD Committee reviews this year’s unique World Series with Paul Sullivan from Locked on MLB podcast.


2019 Minicast – Designated Hebrew

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Ed Kasputis interviews Major League Baseball’s first designated hitter, Yankee great – Ron Blomberg about  the re-release of his book, Designated Hebrew.


2019 Andy Van Slyke

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Andy Van Slyke played in the Majors for 12 years. He’s got a great web site and a podcast. Ed Kasputis interviews Andy about the game we love. Check out andyvanslyke.com.


2019 Longish Careers

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Our PhD Committee explores those players that had longish careers.


2019 World Series

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Our PhD Committee gets ready for the Fall Classic as we review both teams on a position by position basis. Did you know that during the last 112 games of this season, both teams had nearly identical records?


Baseball Under the Palms

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Ed Kasputis interviews Sam Zygner about his outstanding book, Baseball Under the Palms: The History of Miami Minor League Baseball – The Early Years, 1892 – 1960.


2019 Minicast – High Heat

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Ed Kasputis interviews author, Tim Wendel about his book, High Heat: The Secret History of the Fastball and the Improbable Search for the Fastest Pitcher of All Time.