2017 Houston Astros

April 23, 2017   | Leave a comment

The Astros are in first as we enjoy’s America’s 4th largest city.  Our PhD Committee makes our 2017 Major League Baseball predictions.


2017 Baseball Comedy

April 19, 2017   | Leave a comment

Our PhD Committee examines and celebrates the comedians who love baseball through their unforgettable skits.


2017 San Diego Padres

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We’re in Atlanta watching the Padres open up Sun Trust Park with the Braves.  Ed Kasputis interviews Professor Bruce Bukiet from the New Jersey Institute of Technology about his 2017 MLB predictions.


2017 The Famous San Diego Chicken Re-broadcast

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On March 22, 2011, Ed Kasputis interviewed Ted Giannoulas aka The Famous San Diego Chicken.  This interview was originally scheduled to be released during our San Diego Padres podcast (Episode 49) but it was so good that we produced this special edition podcast.  The Famous San Diego Chicken is the Babe Ruth of sports mascots.  During this 39 minute interview, you’ll better understand how the genius of Ted Giannoulas has forever changed our ball park experience.


2017 Atlanta Braves

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We are focusing on the Atlanta Braves as our PhD Committee readies for their opening day trip as Sun Trust Park hosts its first regular season game on April 14, 2017.  Ed Kasputis interviews Steve Epstein from Atlanta Baseball Talk.


NY Penn League

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We continue our Masters in the Minors series as we explore the NY Penn League.  Ed Kasputis interviews Holly Copper who has been a host family mother for the past eight seasons.


2017 San Francisco Giants

April 2, 2017   | Leave a comment

Opening day has arrived as we enjoy AT&T Park by the San Francisco Bay.  Ed Kasputis interviews Connor Grosssman about his beloved Giants.  Is this the year of the Giant?


South Atlantic League

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We continue with our Masters in the Minors series as we explore the current baseball home of Tim Tebow, the South Atlantic League.  Ed Kasputis interviews Joe Connor aka Mr. Sports Travel about this charming league.


2017 Los Angeles Dodgers

March 26, 2017   | Leave a comment

Iconic Dodger Stadium is even more iconic as Team USA wins the World Baseball Classic.  Team USA has made American baseball great again.  Now its time for Dodger baseball.  Can the Dodgers make Dodger baseball great again and return to the Fall Classic?


Midwest League

March 22, 2017   | Leave a comment

We continue our Masters in the Minors series as we explore the Midwest League.  Ed Kasputis interviews both Dave Matejczyk and Neil Stein, General Manager of the Lake County Captains about the Midwest League.