Living the Dream

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Episode 295 - Living the Dream2

Ed Kasputis and Dave Matejczyk interview Ranger’s minor league pitcher, Ryan Bores as he drives to the Cactus League.


Pitch Clock

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Episode 294 - Pitch Clock

Is the pace of baseball too slow?  Our PhD Committee ponders this topic as we review Major League Baseball’s recent experiments in the 2014 Arizona Fall League.


2015 Moe Berg

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Episode 36 - Moe Berg

The Catcher Who Was a Spy

This week we honor the man who inspired the creation of Baseball PhD – Moe Berg (1902 – 1972).  Moe Berg got his PhD in life – through baseball.  Berg spoke 12 languages travelled the world, played in the major leagues and served as America’s foremost atomic spy during World War II.  Berg knew about the existence of America’s atomic bomb before President Truman!  Discover his story as Ralph BergerLouis JacobsonChuck BrodskyLinda McCarthy and our PhD Committee remember Moe Berg.


Ernie Banks

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Episode 293 - Ernie Banks

On the day of his 84th birthday, our PhD Committee remembers baseball’s greatest ambassador and Hall of Fame great, Ernie Banks who passed away on January 23, 2015.  Let’s play two.


2015 Hall of Fame Review

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Episode 292 - 2015 Hall of Fame Review

Our PhD Committee salutes the 2015 National Baseball Hall of Fame inductees and Ed Kasputis interviews baseball researcher and author, Andre Lower from


Merry Christmas San Diego

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Episode 291 - Merry Christmas San Diego

Santa has been very kind to the Padres this week.  Ed Kasputis interviews San Diego baseball researcher James D. Smith III about the Padres good fortune.


2014 Christmas Podcast

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Episode 290 - Christmas Podcast

Merry Christmas as our PhD Committee talks about our two favorite topics, baseball and Christmas.


Donaldson goes to Toronto

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Episode 289 - Donaldson goes to Toronto

Ed Kasputis interviews Alex Hall from about the A’s trading their best player to the Toronto Blue Jays.  Is Billy Beane crazy like a fox or will 2015 be a rebuilding year?


Minicast – Wrigley Field Renovations

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Episode 288 - Wrigley Field Renovations

Our PhD Committee interviews Al Yellon, managing editor of about Joe Madden, Wrigley Field Renovations and much, much more.


2014 Minicast – Japanese Ballpark Food

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Episode 114 - Japanese Ball Park Foods

With our MLB All-Stars in Japan, Ed Kasputis interviews Susan Hamaker from about the various delicious foods at Japanese ballparks.