2014 Wild Card Preview

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Episode 284 - Wild Card Preview

Jeter is out and the A’s are in.  We look forward to the playoffs and salute our three 2014 MLB Prediction champions, Professor Bruce Bukiet from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Justin Woods from Melbourne, Australia and Andre Lower from baseballbypositions.com.


2014 Tampa Bay Rays

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Episode 283 - Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays have fizzled but the playoffs are near.  We focus on October with great analysis from Alex Hall from athleticsnation.com.


2014 Minicast – Who Was Better – Ruth or Bonds?

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Episode 231

As we enjoy the last week of the regular season, let’s ponder who was better - Ruth or Bonds?  Ed Kasputis interviews baseball authors Bill Nowlin and Jim Prime about this question for the ages.


2014 Milwaukee Brewers

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Episode 282 - Milwaukee Brewers

Miller Park is great but are the Brewers?  They started fast but have struggled.  We enjoy Milwaukee as we ponder can the Brewers catch the Pirates?


Minicast – What So Proudly We Hailed

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Episode 281 - What So Proudly We Hailed

200 years ago today, Francis Scott Key penned the words for our National Anthem as he watched the Battle of Baltimore from a British Navy ship.  Ed Kasputis interviews author, Marc Leepson about his newly completed biography, What So Proudly We Hailed: Francis Scott Key, A Life.


2014 Pittsburgh Pirates

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Episode 280 - Pittsburgh Pirates

Are the Pirates headed back to the post-season?  We explore Pittsburgh as Ed Kasputis interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor and Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting.


2014 Seattle Mariners

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Episode 279 - Seattle Mariners

Can the Mariners cap off a great year with a wild card berth?  Who would’ve thought as Ed Kasputis interviews Matt Ellis from lookoutlanding.com.  Does the baseball soul of the AL East now reside in the AL West?


2014 Minicast – Driving Mr. Yogi

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Episode 146 - Driving Mr Yogi

Ed Kasputis interviews New York Times columnist, Harvey Araton about his book, Driving Mr. Yogi.


2014 New York Mets

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Episode 278 - New York Mets

The Mets are in fourth but Citi Field is amazing as Ed Kasputis interviews Joseph Wolkin and Michael Avallone from amazinavenue.com .


Minicast – The Last Best League

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Episode 277 - The Last Best League

Ed Kasputis interviews author Jim Collins about his updated book, The Last Best League.