2018 Colorado Rockies

August 19, 2018   | Leave a comment

The Rockies are flying high as we explore the Mile High City. Our PhD Committee learns about the Miracle League as we praise Mark Rantala for his efforts.


2018 Eastern League

August 15, 2018   | Leave a comment

As we continue with our Masters in the Minors series, we explore the Eastern League as Ed Kasputis interviews Dave Matejczyk about his beloved Eastern League.


2018 Philadelphia Phillies

August 12, 2018   | Leave a comment

Can the Phillies do the unthinkable and win the NL East? Ed and Farley interview Paul Sullivan from Sully Baseball about the impossible.


2018 Pacific Coast League

August 8, 2018   | Leave a comment

We explore the Pacific Coast League as Ed Kasputis interviews Dwight Hall, Vice-President of Operations of the Pacific Coast League and Dave Matejczyk.


2018 New York Mets

August 5, 2018   | Leave a comment

We’re in Queens empathizing with Mets fans as they suffer through a tough year. Ed Kasputis interviews Jeff Cohen from the podcast Baseball & BBQ about Jeff’s Mets, his podcast and Citi Field food.


2018 International League

August 1, 2018   | Leave a comment

Our PhD Committee continues its Masters in the Minors Series as Ed Kasputis interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor and Dave Matejczyk about the International League.


2018 Detroit Tigers

July 29, 2018   | Leave a comment

Tiger Town ponders how long will the Tigers rebuild take? Ed Kasputis interviews Paul Sullivan from sullybaseball.com about the Tigers and the upcoming trade deadline.


2018 Mexican League

July 25, 2018   | Leave a comment

We start our Masters in the Minors series of podcasts by first focusing on the Mexican League.


2018 Boston Red Sox

July 22, 2018   | Leave a comment

Could this year’s Red Sox team be the greatest in franchise history? We debate it as Ed Kasputis interviews Red Sox beat reporter, Jason Mastrodonato from the Boston Herald.


2018 Longish Careers

July 18, 2018   | Leave a comment

Our PhD Committee explores those players that had longish careers.