2015 Ernie Harwell Re-broadcast

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Episode 38 - Ernie Harwell

This podcast features baseball sportscaster great, Ernie Harwell.  Our PhD Committee first reviews Major League Baseball’s playoff expansion idea of adding an additional wild card team in each league and then shifts into analyzing who is listening to our podcasts.  Then it’s time for Harwell.  Hear Harwell’s moving 1955 poem – The Definition of Baseball, then hear Harwell’s account of baseball’s Shot Heard ‘Round the World.  Ed Kasputis then interviews baseball author, Irwin J. Cohen about his friend, Ernie Harwell. The podcast concludes with At the Mixer with Marty Allen as Marty relives his most memorable day in radio – Sunday, October 26, 1997 as our PhD Committee gets ready for our next podcast featuring sportscaster great, Mel Allen.


2015 Vin Scully Re-broadcast

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Episode 37 - Vin Scully

Greatest Baseball Sportscaster of All Time

Our PhD Committee honors Vin Scully as the greatest baseball sportscaster of all time.  We also remember Seattle’s Hall of Fame baseball sportscaster, Dave Niehaus who passed away on November 10th.  Ed, Farley and Mark then explore the life of Scully and listen to some of his greatest clips.  Ed then interviews Dodger faithful and English Professor, Frank Ardolino about Scully.  We then travel back in time and hear Scully’s words of wisdom during his commencement address at Pepperdine University in 2008. Ed and Farley then interview Cleveland radio great, Marty Allen in the first of a six part series of At the Mixer with Marty Allen.  The podcast then concludes as Ed, Farley and Mark preview Snow Days at Progressive Field which will open on Friday, November 26th.  Next podcast – the second greatest baseball sportscaster of all time, Ernie Harwell.


2015 Arizona Fall League

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Episode 84 - Arizona Fall League

Our PhD Committee is in Phoenix sharing the best kept secret in baseball – The Arizona Fall League.  Ed Kasputis interviews Steve Cobb, Director of the Arizona Fall League and Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor shares his travel insights on the Valley of the Sun.


2015 World Series

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Episode 328 - 2015 World Series

The Fall Classic has begun as our PhD Committee reviews the first three games between the Royals and Mets.  Sing us. a song, piano man …


2015 League Championship Series

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Episode 237 - League Championship Series

Cubs, Royals, Mets & Blue Jays.  Our PhD Committee talks about the League Championship Series as Ed Kasputis interviews Baseball Bob and we honor Mark Rantala for winning our 2015 Predictions Contest.


2015 Wild Card Preview

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Episode 326 - Wild Card Preview

We get ready for the Wild Card game as Farley gloats because it rhymes with goats.  Could we be at the dawn of a new Cubs era?  Ed Kasputis interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor and Alex Hall from athleticsnation.com.


2015 Detroit Tigers

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Episode 325 - Detroit Tigers

The Tigers are in last and the season has gone fast.  Ed Kasputis interviews Margaret Wyzlic from visitannarbor.org and Joe Connor aka Mr. Sports Travel.  Our PhD Committee remembers the unforgettable baseball treasure, Yogi Berra.


2015 Seattle Mariners

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Episode 324 - Seattle Mariners

A flat year for the Mariners but it’s always fun in Seattle.  Ed Kasputis interviews Kauilani Robinson about things to see in the Emerald City and Larry Manch about the Mariners and the hotly contested AL West.


2015 St. Louis Cardinals

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Episode 323 - St Louis Cardinals

Could the Gateway to the West also be the Gateway to the World Series?  Ed Kasputis interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about things to do in St. Louis and Paul Sullivan from Sully Baseball on just what is the Cardinal Way?


2015 Milwaukee Brewers

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Miller Park

Miller Park

As the Brewers struggle the Cards, Pirates and Cubs surge ahead.  Ed Kasputis interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about what to see in Milwaukee and what lies ahead in September.