Baseball Under the Palms

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Ed Kasputis interviews Sam Zygner about his outstanding book, Baseball Under the Palms: The History of Miami Minor League Baseball – The Early Years, 1892 – 1960.


2019 Minicast – High Heat

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Ed Kasputis interviews author, Tim Wendel about his book, High Heat: The Secret History of the Fastball and the Improbable Search for the Fastest Pitcher of All Time.


2019 League Championship Series

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With the Nationals up 2 games to zero over the Cardinals, Farley just bought World Series tickets for Game 4 of the World Series at Nationals Park.  Is Farley D.C. bound?  Ed Kasputis interviews Paul Sullivan from Locked on MLB podcast about the American and National League Championship Series.


2019 The Walker Brothers

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Ed Kasputis and Dave Matejczyk interview baseball historian, Craig Brown about Moses Fleetwood Walker (1856 – 1924) and Weldy Walker (1860 – 1937), who were the first two African American professional baseball players.


2019 Minicast – Driving Mr. Yogi

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Ed Kasputis interviews New York Times columnist, Harvey Araton about his book, Driving Mr. Yogi.


2019 Minicast – Field of Legends

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As we remember the 2015 World Champion Kansas City Royals, let’s revisit our Field of Legends Minicast – Episode 94. The Field of Legends is the focal exhibit at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.  This museum is a must see for any visiting the City of Fountains.


2019 Wild Card Preview

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Congratulations to the A’s, Rays, Nats and Brewers for making the MLB playoffs.  Ed Kasputis interviews Jeff Cohen from Baseball and BBQ podcast about his recent baseball road trip to Cincinnati and Alex Hall from athletics about the upcoming Wild Card games.  Our podcast concludes from Fort Worth, Texas as our PhD Committee says good bye to Globe Life Park by attending the park’s final two games.


2019 Harry Caray Re-broadcast

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Holy Cow!

We conclude our 6 podcast series on baseball’s greatest sportscasters with Harry Caray (1914 – 1998).  Caray broadcast Major League Baseball for 53 years. Ed, Farley & Mark review the 2006 PBS documentary, Kokoyakyu – High School Baseball.  Then it’s time for baseball’s greatest showman.  Ed interviews author and former presidential speech writer, Curt Smith about Caray and his legacy.  We then listen as Caray sings Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the first night game at Wrigley FieldAugust 8, 1988.


So Long Globe Life Park

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It’s time to say long to Globe Life Park as our PhD Committee prepares to attend the park’s final two games.  Ed Kasputis interviews Paul Sullivan from Locked on MLB podcast about the Rangers and their soon to be old home.


2019 Jack Buck Re-broadcast

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Jack Buck (1924 – 2002) called 11 World Series, 4 Major League All-Star games and 18 Super Bowls.  Ed, Farley and Mark review Buck‘s career and make their Super Bowl predictions in his honor.  Ed interviews author Curt Smith about Buck and Marty Allen shares his worst day in radio.