2019 Houston Astros

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Can the Houston Astros win over 100 games for the third year in a row?  Ed Kasputis interviews William Metzger from crawfishboxes.com about this year’s Astros and how they add value to their pitching staff.


Reagan Library

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Let’s learn about the Reagan Library as Ed Kasputis interviews the Library’s Chief Marketing Officer, Melissa Giller.


2019 Cincinnati Reds

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Have the Reds dramatically improved? Ed Kasputis interviews Wick Terrell from redreporter.com about this year’s Reds.


2019 Game 6 Road Trip Re-broadcast

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Let’s remember one of the greatest World Series games of all time – Game 6 of the the 2011 World Series.


2019 St. Louis Cardinals

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How good can the Cardinals be in 2019? Is Paul Goldschmidt the charm? Ed Kasputis interviews Heather Simon from vivaelbirdos.com about her Cards.


Minicast – Julia Ruth Stevens

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Let’s learn about the woman who called Babe Ruth “daddy” as author Jerry Amernic interviews Babe Ruth’s daughter, Julia Ruth Stevens who passed away this year at the age of 102.


2019 Los Angeles Dodgers

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It’s win it all or go home.  Can the Dodgers rebound from 2 straight World Series losses?  Can Clayton Kershaw regain his form as he starts the season on the injured list?  Ed Kasputis interviews Professor Bruce Bukiet about Bukiet’s 2019 MLB predictions and Matthew Moreno from DodgerBlue.com.


2019 Minicast – Japanball.com

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Ed Kasputis interviews Bob Bavasi from JapanBall.com.


2019 Milwaukee Brewers

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It’s Brewer time as Ed prepares to travel to Milwaukee and see the Brewers. Ed Kasputis interviews Kristen Settle from VisitMilwuakee.org about all the things to see in this great city by the lake.


2019 Minicast – St. Luke’s Hospital

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In 2012, Ed Kasputis visited St. Luke’s International Hospital in Tokyo to retrace the steps of Catcher and OSS spy, Moe Berg who visited the hospital on November 29, 1934 and shot video of the Tokyo skyline.  Later during World War II, Berg shared this video with the U.S. Government.  Kasputis interviews Kaoru Oda and Sumio Yabu from the roof of St. Luke’s.