MLB Playoff Expansion?

February 16, 2020   | Leave a comment

We debate the merits of the idea of expanding the Major League Playoffs from ten to fourteen teams.


2020 Minicast – Ronald Wilson Reagan

February 12, 2020   | Leave a comment

Let’s remember our 40th President – Ronald Wilson Reagan.  We celebrate his wit and courage.  Ed Kasputis reflects upon his 2010 visit to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley.


2020 Baseball Law update

February 9, 2020   | Leave a comment

Impeachment is over. The Astros got caught. Nets are everywhere and so is the law. It’s time for our Baseball Law update as Ed Kasputis interviews Louis Schiff, co-author of Baseball and the Law: Cases and Materials.


2020 Minicast – Charles O. Finley

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Ed Kasputis interviews G. Michael Green about his book, Charlie Finley: The Outrageous Story of Baseball’s Super Showman.


2020 Minicast – Miracle Ball

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Ed Kasputis interviews award-winning writer and filmmaker, Brian Biegel about his documentary, Miracle Ball – The Fate of Bobby Thomson’s Legendary 1951 Home Run Ball.


2020 Witness to a Sweep

January 29, 2020   | Leave a comment

In 2012, our PhD Committee went to the final game of the World Series to be a Witness to a Sweep.  First Farley pays a bet then Ed, Farley & Dave play baseball at Tiger Stadium and meet Joe Michnuk from the Navin Field Grounds Crew.  Then it’s time to head to Comerica Park to sit in the rain and watch the last game of a great year.  Congratulations Giants and Tigers – wait ’til next year.


Minor League Contraction?

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Say it ain’t so, Commissioner. Are the MLB Owners serious about reducing the number of Minor League Teams? Ed Kasputis interviews Ralph Carhart from about the possibility of Minor League contraction.


2020 Minicast – Fantasyland

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Ed Kasputis interviews Andre Lower about the baseball movie, Fantasyland and Andre’s web site,


Astros Cheating Scandal

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Happy Martin Luther King Day! Our PhD Committee along with Paul Sullivan from Locked on MLB Podcast discuss the Astros Cheating Scandal and ponder the content of the character of the 2017 World Series Champions.


2020 Minicast – Rodney Johnson

January 15, 2020   | Leave a comment

Ed Kasputis interviews Rodney Johnson, one of the two official scorers for the National League West Champion, Arizona Diamondbacks about being an official Major League scorer.