McCarthy & Berg

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McCarthy & Berg

The Unforgettable Linda McCarthy

This is Moe Berg week with our podcast featuring Moe Berg being released on Friday, November 12th. One of our outstanding guests for this podcast is Linda McCarthy.

Linda has served the United States as a member of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for almost 25 years.  Now in the private sector, Linda’s company is History is a Hoot.  She conducts educational training for groups of all ages.

“When we established History is a Hoot, it was with the belief that our passion for history—and historic preservation—could be shared with others in a unique, compelling, and memorable way,” said Linda McCarthy.  “To a variety of programs focusing on different facets of history, we bring specially prepared presentations created using rare period photographs from our private holdings.”

“I’ve seen Linda McCarthy in action.  Just like Moe Berg, her first hand view of history is fascinating,” said Ed Kasputis, Creative Director of Baseball PhD.  “I’ve seen her jeep with Moe Berg vanity plates, I’ve held Linda’s Moe Berg bat .  Our listeners will hear Linda’s magic during our next podcast.  I’m convinced, with Linda history is a hoot!”

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