2012 Christmas Podcast

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Merry Christmas.  In this podcast, Ed, Farley & Dave share their knowledge about computer tablets and wide screen tv’s.  Our PhD Committee interviews Baseball Bob about hot stove league trades and free agency acquisitions.  Ed interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about designing the “biggest bang for your buck” baseball road trip for 2013.  Our podcast concludes as we prepare for our December 31st podcast tribute to Roberto Clemente.


Stephen Borelli

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Stephen Borelli

Borelli’s Exhaustive Research Pays Off

While Mel Allen was the voice of the New York Yankees, Stephen Borelli has become the voice of Mel Allen.  No author has captured both the roots and tone of American baseball broadcaster great, Mel Allen than Borelli’s 2005 biography  How About That! – The Life of Mel Allen.

Borelli’s book is a Baseball PhD classic.  Most know Mel Allen once he made it big on the New York City stage, but this book also captures the beginning of Mel Allen’s career as he was born and raised in Alabama.  “Mel Allen loved Alabama despite the fact the he was a Jew from the South during an era when the Ku Klux Klan reigned,” said Ed Kasputis, Creative Director of Baseball PhD.  “Any baseball fan who reads this book for their love of the game will be one step closer to getting their PhD in life – through baseball.”

Stephen Borelli will be our guest on our next podcast featuring Mel Allen.  This podcast will be released on Friday, December 24th.  Borelli’s wisdom will be a great Christmas present for our listeners.

How About That! – The Life of Mel Allen


Mel Allen’s College Fight Song – Yea Alabama