Pioneer League

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Let’s learn about the Pioneer League as we continue our Masters in the Minors Series.  Have you been to Idaho, Montana or Utah?  Ed Kasputis interviews Jim McCurdy, President of the Pioneer League about the league he leads.


2016 Colorado Rockies

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Episode 348 - Colorado Rockies

We are a mile high and Colorado is beautiful.  The Rockies are in third as Ed interviews Bryan Kilpatrick from and our PhD Committee enjoys more Denver sunshine than San Diego!


2015 Colorado Rockies

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Episode 308 - Colorado Rockies

The Rockies are in last but Denver is always first as we explore the Mile High City.  Ed Kasputis interviews Joe Connor about his annual Father’s Day Contest and Bryan Kilpatrick from about his beloved Rockies.


2014 Colorado Rockies

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Episode 266 - Colorado Rockies

Farley takes Denver as we listen with envy.  We talk about the Rockies as Ed Kasputis interviews Bryan Kilpatrick from and Denver attorney, Catherine Reichel Stanton.


First Place Colorado Rockies

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We are in The Mile High City as we focus on those division leading Colorado Rockies.  Baseball Bob reviews the Rockies’ success and Ed interviews Kristin Yantis about why Vail is like nothing on Earth.  Another great segment of 100 Places to See and then it’s off to the Pacific Northwest to say hello to Seattle and to remember Hall of Fame sportscaster – Dave Niehaus (1935 – 2010).


Vail Like Nothing on Earth

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This week is Rockies‘ week with our podcast featuring the first place Colorado Rockies being released on Friday, April 29th.  Baseball Bob will give us his take on why the Rockies are playing so well.  Before the season, Baseball Bob predicted that the Rockies would win the National League West.  In addition we’ll hear from Kristin Yanits on why Vail, Colorado is so special.

Vail is 98 miles from Denver with an elevation of 8,022 feet.  In fact during the first three weeks of any baseball season, it’s possible to catch a Rockies game and then head to wonderful Vail for some skiing.

Beautiful Vail

[tubepress video=”oiR_DT4yi4g”]

Vail during Baseball Season

[tubepress video=”x6h14HXTl70″]

Colorado Rockies Team Pulse
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