2015 Spring Training

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Episode 296 - Spring Training

Spring training has began while America’s northeast is buried in snow.  We review both the Grapefruit & Cactus Leagues as Ed Kasputis interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about all the places to see in both Florida and Arizona.  Our podcast concludes as Farley Dillinger and Dave Matejczyk make a bold prediction about this year’s Cubs that would make Theo Epstein proud.


2013 Grapefruit League

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Episode 178 - Grapefruit League Our PhD Committee enjoys Florida as spring training games begin.  Is terrestrial radio dying?  Ed, Farley and Dave debate that topic before Ed interviews Nick Gandy from the Florida Sports Foundation.  Next stop, San Francisco.


2013 Cactus League

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Episode 177 - Cactus League

Welcome to Season 4 as our PhD Committee explores both the Cactus League and the upcoming World Baseball Classic.  We remember the 75th anniversary of Abbott and Costello’s Who’s on First comedy routine.  We close the podcast with Edward Meeker’s 1908 (when the Cubs won the World Series!) rendition of Take Me Out to the Ballgame as we head east to beautiful Florida and its Grapefruit League.


2012 Grapefruit League

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Season 3 has begun as our PhD Committee heads to the Grapefruit League and considers all the things that makes Florida great.  The Bashful Wife that Wants it All makes her debut in our season long series – Take Your Wife to the Ballgame.  Ed interviews Katherine Chakour from The Florida Aquarium and Captain Glenn from Captain Doug’s Everglades Tours.  Our podcast concludes as we say good bye to Florida and hello to the Grand Canyon.


Season 3 begins February 10, 2012

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Get ready for Season 3 of Baseball PhD!  Season 3 will start with our Grapefruit League podcast on February 10th.  Get ready to meet The Bashful Wife that Wants it All along with Katherine Chakour from The Florida Aquarium and Captain Glenn from Captain Doug’s Everglades Tours!

Meet The Bashful Wife that Wants it All . . .


and The Florida Aquarium . . .

then let’s find some gators with Captain Glenn!


Minicast – Nick Gandy

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Ed Kasputis interviews Nick Gandy from the Florida Sports Foundation about the Grapefruit League.


Grapefruit League 2011

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Florida rocks as our PhD Committee ponder the issues of the day.  Will Albert Pujols be the next LeBron James?  Is quadruple-A baseball coming to a small market near you?  Did Bernie Madoff kill the Mets and will “The Donald” be the new Steinbrenner?  Then the podcast gets even better as Ed interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about the Grapefruit League.  The podcast concludes as Farley plays us out with the fight song for our first team of the season, the World Champion San Francisco Giants.  Bye Bye Baby.


Mr. Sports Travel

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Not just 30 MLB Cities but 30 Baseball Countries!

Our podcast featuring the Grapefruit League will be released on Friday, March 4th.  Our featured guest will be Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor from www.mrsportstravel.com.  “We use Mr. Sports Travel’s baseball travel guide for our weekly podcasts,” said Ed Kasputis, Creative Director of Baseball PhD.  “His travel guides are second to none and incorporate the concept of getting your PhD in life – through baseball.”

Mr. Sports Travel will share his thoughts on the Grapefruit League, sports travel and famed Dodgertown. Don’t miss this compelling guest who has been to 30 different countries because of his love for baseball.

Listen to our 2010 Grapefruit League podcast (Episode 2 – released on March 5, 2010)

Cactus League 2011

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It’s time to start Season 2 with our Cactus League 2011 podcast.  We’ll catch up with Marvelous Marv from marvelousmarv.com and then review the movie Fantasyland with Andre Lower from baseballbypositions.com.  Andre will tell us about his website and our PhD Committee will talk about all things Cactus League including the Cubs strategy of scalping their tickets first!  We’ll also hear the wisdom of Bill Veeck about the wonders of spring training.  The podcast concludes as we start our 100 Places to See season long series and our PhD Committee packs up and leaves the desert for the vitamin C of Florida.  Grapefruit League, here we come!


Grapefruit League

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Ed Luteran

With the advent of March comes the advent of the Grapefruit League.  Sunny Florida in March is always better than snow.  In this episode, former Pittsburgh resident and current Floridian, Ed Luteran (pictured left) shares his advice on how fellow snowbirds can enjoy their Grapefruit League vacation.  Ed also talks about his duties as an employee of MLB.com during spring training.

Nick Gandy


Nick Gandy (pictured left) then joins our podcast.  Nick is the Director of Communications for the Florida Sports Foundation.  Nick shares his views on how to maximize your Grapefruit League vacation and reminds us that his 2010 Grapefruit League Guide is second to none.



LastlyWise Guys in Studio, the Wise Guys (pictured below) make their podcast debut as the trio battles in a game of baseball history trivia.  Who will win between Who, What or I don’t know?