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Episode 203 - Baseball Americana

Ed Kasputis interviews Frank Ceresi, co-author of Baseball Americana: Treasures from the Library of Congress.


Washington Nationals

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Nationals Presidents

Cherry Blossoms,  Congress,  Racing Presidents and your money.  This week we are in our Nation’s capitol where all four can be found.

We start our podcast by making a u-turn and taking a quick jaunt back to Minneapolis to interview Kevin Smith, Executive Director of Public Affairs for the Minnesota Twins.  Kevin gives a a recap of Target Field opening day.

Next Ed, Farley and Mark discuss the great features of our Nation’s capitol and Nationals baseball.  Gina Leo Stingley from Populous teaches us that Nationals Park is a green park in a city on a hill that would make any environmentalist proud.  Ed then interviews Frank Ceresi, co-author of the book, Baseball Americana – Treasures From The Library of Congress.  (FYI.  Library of Congress is archiving all Twitter messages!)

Ed, Farley and Mark then conclude the podcast with excitement as they leave the green ballpark in D.C. for next week’s podcast destination – the green monster at Fenway.


Baseball Americana – Treasures From The Library of Congress

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Frank Ceresi

Frank Ceresi

Baseball Americana – Treasures From The Library of Congress is a wonderful book that showcases the rich history of our national pastime.  In preparation for Opening Day, Ed Kasputis sat down with co-author, Frank Ceresi to travel down baseball memory lane.

This interview will be part of our April 9, 2010 podcast featuring the Washington Nationals.