Season on the Brink

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Is the 2020 MLB season on the brink? We discuss, as we hope for the best but fear that the cancellation of the season is a reasonable possibility. Ed Kasputis interviews his first bookie, Raphael Esparza from Say it ain’t so Raphael, say it ain’t so.


2019 Miami Marlins

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Good morning Miami as we enjoy South Beach as Ed Kasputis interviews author, Louis Schiff about his Marlins and wonderful Florida.


2018 Miami Marlins

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Miami is beautiful as the Marlins endure their deconstruction. Ed Kasputis interviews baseball author, Sam Zygner about the Loria Marlins, the Jeter Marlins and The Forgotten Marlins.


2017 Miami Marlins

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Happy 4th of July!  Let’s get ready for the Mid-Summer Classic as the baseball world heads to Miami.  Ed Kasputis interviews author, Louis Schiff about the Marlins, the upcoming All-Star Game and his best selling book, Baseball and the Law: Courses and Materials.


2014 Miami Marlins

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Episode 264 - Miami Marlins

The Marlins are back as Ed Kasputis interviews Michael Jong from and Andy Newman from


2011 Florida Marlins

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It’s our last trip to Sun Life Stadium but there are no tears.  Marlin fans deserve better and next April they’ll get their state of the art ball park.  Dave Matejczyk takes us to baseball heaven – the Dominican Republic.  Sam Zygner talks about his beloved Marlins and we listen to the late great, Clarence Clemons (1942 – 2011) as he plays opening day for the Marlins.  Our PhD Committee leaves some luggage behind since we’ll be back next April.  Next stop, Houston.


Hurricane Irene

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This week is Marlins‘ week with our podcast featuring the Florida Marlins being released on Friday, August 26th.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of the Caribbean and the United States East Coast in harm’s way of Hurricane Irene.

During our next podcast, Ed Kasputis will interview Dave Matejczyk who visited the New York Mets baseball academy in the Dominican Republic earlier this month.  During his interview, Matejczyk described the Dominican Republic as “baseball heaven.  Let’s pray that “baseball heaven” is protected from Irene’s wrath.

The Stormy Beaches of the Dominican Republic

Florida Marlins Team Pulse

Listen to our 2010 Florida Marlins Podcast

Miami Marlins Ballpark

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Miami Marlins Ballpark

The Florida Marlins are counting the days until they move into their beautiful new ballpark in 2012.  The Marlins currently play in Sun Life Stadium which is a multi-purpose stadium located in Miami Gardens.  In 2012, the Marlins will be moving to Miami and playing in a ballpark with a retractable dome.  No more rain outs or rain delays!

Ed Kasputis will be interviewing Greg Sherlock, lead designer for this project during our podcast featuring the Florida Marlins.  This podcast will be released on Friday, August 20th.

Sneak Peak at Miami Marlins Ballpark


Fan Opinions

1997 World Series

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1997 World Series - Game 7

The Florida Marlins won their first World Series in 1997 in just their 5th season.  The Cleveland Indians were one strike away from winning their first World Series since 1948.  The Marlins rallied and scored one run in the bottom of the 9th.  Two innings later, the Marlins scored the winning run and brought South Florida its first World Series Championship.

This week is Marlins’ week with our podcast featuring the Florida Marlins being released on Friday, August 20th.

Scenes from Game 7