2017 New York Mets

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With the worst pitching staff ERA in the Majors, what’s wrong with the Mets?  Ed Kasputis interviews long time Baseball PhD listener, Jeff Cohen (as he wears a Noah Syndergaard Mets’ cap with hair) about the plight of the Mets.


2011 New York Mets

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We went to California to meet the Mets!  From Dodger Stadium, Ed interviews Jeff Kornreich about his Mets.  From Angels Stadium, Ed interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about things to do in New York City.  Zack Hample tells us about his best selling book, Watching Baseball Smarter.  If only the Mets would read Hample’s book!  The podcast concludes as we say good bye to the Mets and get ready for New York’s other team – The Yankees.  Let’s go to East 161st Street together.


2011 Arizona Diamondbacks

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Our PhD Committee is in Phoenix looking at those surprising Arizona Diamondbacks and the 2011 MLB All-Star game. Ed Kasputis interviews Rodney Johnson, official scorer of the Dbacks about their success.  We then talk about the All-Star game and Ed interviews Chris Siriano about the House of David Museum.  The podcast concludes as we leave the desert and head for the concrete jungle – New York City for the next two weeks.  Next week, we’ll meet the Mets!


Bin Laden Killed, Phillies Fans Cheer

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Killed by Navy Seals

Osama Bin Laden was killed today by U.S. Special forces in Pakistan.  This news was announced during the 9th inning of the Phillies May 1st game with the Mets.  The game is now in the 14th inning and it is now May 2nd.  While the hunt for Bin Laden also went into extra innings, all extra inning games eventually come to an end.  Congratulations to President Obama and our special forces for a job well done.

President Obama makes the call

[tubepress video=”K8j8LpwDo7Q”]

Grapefruit League 2011

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Florida rocks as our PhD Committee ponder the issues of the day.  Will Albert Pujols be the next LeBron James?  Is quadruple-A baseball coming to a small market near you?  Did Bernie Madoff kill the Mets and will “The Donald” be the new Steinbrenner?  Then the podcast gets even better as Ed interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about the Grapefruit League.  The podcast concludes as Farley plays us out with the fight song for our first team of the season, the World Champion San Francisco Giants.  Bye Bye Baby.