Los Angeles Dodgers

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Episode 22 - Los Angeles Dodgers

Historic Dodger Stadium, home to the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Our PhD Committee is soaking up the rays and remembering why everybody loves LA.  They explore SoCal as Farley calls it.  Ed interviews George Altemose, a man who was once a kid that loved the Brooklyn Dodgers.  The Dodgers moved and George moved on but the great part of sports is that we can all remember.  Ed then describes his visit to Simi Valley and the Reagan Presidential Library.  During our 7th inning stretch, we hear the organ music from Dodger organist, Nancy Bea.  The podcast concludes as Ed, Farley and Mark say goodbye to the City of Angels and hello to Arlington, Texas – the home to both those Dallas Cowboys and first place Texas Rangers.


The Music of Dodger Stadium

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The Music of Dodger Stadium

This week is Dodgers‘ week with our podcast featuring the Los Angeles Dodgers being released on Friday, July 23rd.  Dodger Stadium is the third oldest  and largest ballpark in the Major Leagues.  Any fan attending a Dodgers game will love the music, from I Love LA sung by Randy Newman, the classical baseball organ music of Nancy Bea and the middle of the eighth “Journey Guy”, Jameson Moss as he lip syncs and performs to Don’t Stop Believin.

Randy Newman

I Love LA was released in 1983 in the album Trouble in Paradise.  The Dodgers play this anthem prior to each game and at the end of each Dodger win.  While this song is 27 years old, the mark of a classic is that no one gets tired of its beat and energy.

Nancy Bea

Nancy Bea has played the organ for the Los Angeles Dodgers for 23 years.  She is competing against your iPod.  For the past decade, baseball executives have chosen to play more songs from your iPod and less traditional baseball organ music.  The Los Angeles Angels no longer have an organist.

A trip to Dodger Stadium will not disappoint.  You’ll quickly be charmed by Bea as she appears on the Diamond Vision and you watch her play.  She is more charming and beautiful than a 3rd generation iPod Touch, plus she can ad lib and has perfect pitch.

Married 53 years, Bea built a home in Reno, Nevada and tried to retire after the 2005 season.  The Dodgers refused.

Next year, Baseball PhD will plan more in advance and contact Bea’s high powered agent to schedule an interview.  In the meantime, click here to listen to a 20 minute 2009 interview by KUSC radio.

Jameson Moss

Jameson Moss is a 19 year old, Dodger season ticket holder transplant from Atlanta.  He started his interpretive dance routine of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin in 2009.  The routine caught on and Moss is now a staple at Dodger Stadium during the 8th inning of each game.  His band, Jameson Moss and The Thrillers have just released their first album, City of Broken Lights.