2017 Pittsburgh Pirates

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We’re in the Steel City wondering what happened to the Bucs? Ed Kasputis interviews Eli Nellis from bucsdugout.com what happened in 2017.


2016 Pittsburgh Pirates

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Episode 360 - Pittsburgh Pirates

Are the Pirates contenders or pretenders?  We debate as our PhD Committee enjoys the Steel City.  Ed interviews Joe Connor aka Mr. Sports Travel about all the great things to do in Western Pennsylvania.


2015 Pittsburgh Pirates

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Episode 304 - Pittsburgh Pirates

Can the Pirates make the post-season for the third year in a row?  We enjoy Pittsburgh as Ed Kasputis interviews Stephen Clark from the National Park Service about the Flight 93 National Memorial and William Pollak from bucsdugout.com.


2014 Pittsburgh Pirates

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Episode 280 - Pittsburgh Pirates

Are the Pirates headed back to the post-season?  We explore Pittsburgh as Ed Kasputis interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor and Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting.


2012 Pittsburgh Pirates

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Can the Pirates hang on for a winning season?  Our PhD Committee is at beautiful PNC Park as the Pirates are in the Wild Card hunt.  Ed interviews Charlie Wilmoth from bucsdugout.com and Farley and Dave are their usual entertaining selves.  Our podcast concludes as we head east to Philadelphia to see if the Phillies could do the unthinkable – stampede into the playoffs.


2011 Oakland Athletics

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We are in Oakland pondering why the A’s with their great pitching are out of contention.  Our PhD Committee talks about Brad Pitt, Moneyball – the movie and all things A’s.  Baseball Bob gives us his insight on this year’s A’s season.  The Wise Guys share their first time experience at Fenway Park and in another segment of Where in The World is Dave Matejczyk, Dave shares a Charlie Finley story and tells us about the California League.  We then pack up and head east to what may be the prettiest Major League ball park – PNC Park.  Pittsburgh Pirates here we come!


Pittsburgh Pirates

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Episode 33 - Pittsburgh Pirates

Ed, Farley and Mark are in beautiful Pittsburgh for the last podcast of the regular season.  We honor Professor Bruce Bukiet from the New Jersey Institute of Technology for winning our 2010 MLB Predictions contest.  Ed then interviews Pittsburgh dentist and entertainer, Dr. Howard Elson about his beloved Bucs and PNC Park.  The Wise Guys battle it along the banks of the Allegheny River about Pirate history.  With a heavy heart, our PhD Committee leaves Pittsburgh and heads back to the studio.  Next podcast – League Championship Series on October 15th.


Is PNC Park the most beautiful Major League ballpark?

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PNC Park

Is PNC Park the most beautiful Major League ballpark?  Many Baseball PhD fans think so.  How can you beat the water feature and vista of the beautiful Allegheny River where you can dock your boat beside the ballpark and catch a Pirates game?  The farthest seat in the ballpark is just 88 feet from the field.

At night, the downtown Pittsburgh skyline is stunning as is both the view and experience of walking across the Roberto Clemente Bridge.  This week is Pirates‘ week with our podcast featuring the Pittsburgh Pirates being released on Friday, October 8th.  Ed Kasputis will be interviewing Pittsburgh pediatric dentist and entertainer, Howard Elson as Elson makes the case that PNC Park is the most beautiful Major League ballpark.

PNC Park – The Perfect Ballpark

Primanti’s is also at PNC Park