2019 Detroit Tigers

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Is the Tigers’ payroll killing the franchise?   Ed Kasputis interviews Peter Hoyos, President of Detroit’s SABR Chapter about all things Tigers.


2018 Detroit Tigers

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Tiger Town ponders how long will the Tigers rebuild take? Ed Kasputis interviews Paul Sullivan from sullybaseball.com about the Tigers and the upcoming trade deadline.


2016 Detroit Tigers

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Episode 343 - Detroit Tigers

We’re in the Motor City as Paul Sullivan from Sully Baseball talks about the Tigers and Deanna Majchrzak from visitdetroit.com teaches us about things to do in Detroit.  Go Tigers!


Witness to a Sweep

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Our PhD Committee went to the final game of the World Series to be a Witness to a Sweep.  First Farley pays a bet then Ed, Farley & Dave play baseball at Tiger Stadium and meet Joe Michnuk from the Navin Field Grounds Crew.  Then it’s time to head to Comerica Park to sit in the rain and watch the last game of a great year.  Congratulations Giants and Tigers – wait ’til next year.


2012 World Series

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It’s time for the World Series and our PhD Committee will be at Game 4.  Giants vs. Tigers.  Who would’ve thought?  Ed Kasputis interviews Baseball Bob and Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about the Fall Classic and as always our PhD Committee share their thoughts.


2012 Detroit Tigers

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Could this be the Year of the Tiger?  Our PhD Committee is in Detroit as our two time predictions champ, Professor Bruce Bukiet makes his 2012 MLB predictions for all teams.  Ed then interviews author, Tim Wendel about his new book, The Summer of ’68: The Season that Changed Baseball and America Forever.  Our podcast concludes as we say good bye to the Motor City and head to Beantown.  Fenway is 100.


The Greatest Tiger – Ty Cobb

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This week is Tigers‘ week with our podcast featuring the Detroit Tigers being released on Friday, June 3rd. We’ll hear Baseball Bob’s take on this year’s Tigers and we’ll hear an 81 year old interview from Hall of Fame great, Ty Cobb (1886 – 1961).  “Ty Cobb was the youngest to reach 3,000 hits,” said Ed Kasputis, Creative Director of Baseball PhD.  “Our listeners will hear Cobb’s voice which captures his personality and spunk.  It will be a great podcast with lots of insight.”

Ty Cobb – American Legend


What Would You Do to See Ty Cobb?

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2011 Minnesota Twins

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Memorial Day 2011, our PhD Committee is back in beautiful Minneapolis but what a difference a year makes.  The Twins are struggling and in last place. Ed interviews Stew Thornley about Harmon Killebrew.  Frank Ceresi shares his thoughts on MLB veteran Hank Gowdy and and our PhD Committee debates whether playoff expansion is wise.  Then we pack up for the Motor City.  Next week, it’s time to ponder whether the Tigers can catch those Indians?