Seattle Mariners

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Episode 30 - Seattle Mariners

We are in the Capitol of the Pacific Northwest – Seattle.  Ed, Farley and Mark explore the Emerald City and SAFECO Field.  Ed interviews Seattle native, Todd Cook about his blog, children and road trip adventures.  The Wise Guys battle it out over Mariner history and Baseball Bob (the smartest man we know) throws out his trivia question of the podcast.  Our PhD Committee boards the plane for our next podcast venue.  We are headed to the Capitol of the South – Atlanta.


Playing Catch With Dad

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Cook & Son

Todd Cook lives in Reading, Pennsylvania with his lovely wife and two children.  A die hard Mariners fan, Cook still considers SAFECO Field in Seattle to be his baseball home.  He travels through the Major Leagues demonstrating his love for both the Mariners and his children.

Cook has taken his oldest child, Timothy to 23 ballparks.  Timothy is 4 years old.  For Timothy, traveling around the baseball world with his Dad has got to be heaven.

Cook is the author of his own blog – Cook & Son Bat’s Blog.  Last week, Cook uploaded his ten thousandth picture to his blog.  He’s essentially using blog technology to write an ongoing love letter to his children.

Ed Kasputis will be interviewing Todd Cook during our next podcast featuring the Seattle Mariners.  Cook & Son are getting their PhD in life – through baseball.  This podcast will be released on Friday, September 17th.

Field of Dreams – Playing Catch With Dad

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