2019 Toronto Blue Jays

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Who cares if the Blue Jays might lose 100 games?  Toronto is a magnificent city that all lovers of the game should visit.  Ed Kasputis interviews Tom Dakers from bluebirdbanter.com about his City and the future of the Jays.


Bush & The Babe

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On June 5, 1948, Babe Ruth met future President George H.W. Bush on the ball fields of Yale.  We remember and honor the legacy of both of these great Americans who have impacted our lives, our culture and our country.  Our podcast concludes as Ed Kasputis interviews author, Jerry Amernic on his book, Babe Ruth – A Superstar’s Legacy.


2018 Toronto Blue Jays

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We complete our Season 9 survey of all MLB teams with the Toronto Blue Jays. O Canada, the Jays ain’t what they used to be as Ed Kasputis interviews Tom Dakers from bluebirdbanter.com.


2017 Toronto Blue Jays

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We celebrate Canada Day as Ed Kasputis interviews Tom Dakers from bluebirdbanter.com.  Can the Jays recover from their horrible start and regain their glory in the AL East?


2016 Toronto Blue Jays

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Episode 352 - Toronto Blue Jays

Happy 4th of July from Toronto as we explore Casa Loma and talk about the Blue Jays.  Ed Kasputis interviews Holly Stewart from casaloma.org and Tom Dakers from bluebirdbanter.com.  O’ Canada!


2015 Toronto Blue Jays

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Episode 310 - Toronto Blue Jays

Happy Father’s Day from magnificent Toronto!  The hard hitting Jays are only three games out of first as we enjoy their city.  Ed Kasputis interviews Tom Dakers from bluebirdbanter.com and tour guide Gerardo Patino about all the things to do in Canada’s largest city.


2013 Christmas Podcast

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Episode 236 - Christmas Podcast

Merry Christmas.  Our PhD Committee reviews who has been naughty and nice.  Ed Kasputis interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about the eight winter leagues throughout our planet.  We conclude by thanking you for a great year.


2013 Toronto Blue Jays

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Episode 213 - Toronto Blue Jays

We’re in Methodist Rome (Toronto) as we cancel our hotel reservations for October.  Our PhD Committee still has lots of fun while Ed Kasputis interviews Trevor Strong from The Arrogant Worms, Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about Toronto and Anthony Lorenzo about his recent Great Lakes road trip.  Our podcast concludes as we head to the City of Brotherly LoveGo Phillies!


The Smolders take New York

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The City that never sleeps

This is Yankees‘ week with our podcast featuring the New York Yankees being released on Friday, July 22nd.  The Smolder family from Toronto, Canada headed south for a baseball road trip to remember. Boston on the 4th of July, Yankee Stadium to watch future Hall of Famer, Derek Jeter collect hit 3,000 and a visit to the sleepy village of Cooperstown to salute Yankee greats and Derek Jeter’s future home.  Click here to read their story.

Better than their written account will be their interview as Ed Kasputis interviews Mike and Donna Smolders.  You’ll hear Donna compare and contrast Fenway Park to New Yankee Stadium.  Mike loves Jackie Robinson.  Donna is on the gold standard, only Babe Ruth will do when it comes to baseball idols. The family visited the graves of both as the lives of these two great men continue to inspire fans who love the game.

New York Yankees Team Pulse
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2011 Toronto Blue Jays

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O Canada, our PhD Committee explores Toronto while the rest of our countryman are preparing their federal and state tax returns.  How good will the Blue Jays be?  Ed, Farley & Mark make their 2011 Major League predictions.  We then explore Toronto with Justine Palinska from Tourism Toronto as she reminds us that New York City is the only American city larger than Toronto.  Dave Matejczyk takes us back to the first day when a World Series game was played outside the United States, Tuesday, October 20, 1992. The podcast concludes with another outstanding segment of 100 Places to See.  Then we cross the border and head to the Capitol of the South – Atlanta for our next podcast.


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