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Below is a list of our upcoming podcasts.

All podcasts can be streamed on our Baseball PhD iPhone app or Android app.  Current and past episodes can also be streamed on Stitcher Radio or tunein which can be played on most smart phones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Palm Pre).

11/02/2020  World Series Review

11/05/2020  Presidents & Baseball

11/09/2020  Mr. Sports Travel

11/12/2020  Baseball Comedy

11/16/2020  Longish Careers

11/19/2020  Moe Berg

11/23/2020  Vin Scully

11/26/2020  Ernie Harwell

11/30/2020  Mel Alllen

12/03/2020  Red Barber

12/07/2020  Jack Buck

12/10/2020  Harry Caray

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