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Below is a list of our upcoming podcasts.

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04/23/2018  Kansas City Royals

04/26/2018  Andy Van Slyke

04/30/2018  San Diego Padres

05/07/2018  Oakland Athletics & San Francisco Giants

05/14/2018  Chicago White Sox & Chicago Cubs

05/21/2018  Los Angeles Angels

05/28/2018  Pittsburg Pirates

06/04/2018  New York Yankees

06/11/2018  Atlanta Braves

06/18/2018  Tampa Bay Rays

06/25/2018  Cincinnati Reds

07/02/2018  Miami Marlins

07/09/2018  Baltimore Orioles

07/16/2018  Washington Nationals

07/23/2018  Boston Red Sox

07/30/2018  Detroit Tigers

08/06/2018  New York Mets

08/13/2018  Philadelphia Phillies

08/20/2018  Colorado Rockies

08/27/2018  Texas Rangers

09/03/2018  Milwaukee Brewers

09/10/2018  St. Louis Cardinals

09/17/2018  Seattle Mariners

09/24/2018  Toronto Blue Jays

10/01/2018   Wild Card Preview



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