2010 Little League World Series – Day 2

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Scenes from 2010 Little League World Series

This week is Rays‘ week with our podcast featuring the Tampa Bay Rays being released on Friday, August 27th.  This podcast will also cover the 2010 Little League World Series.  Ed Kasputis and Mark Rantala attended this event of Saturday, August 21st and they’ll be giving their insight during our next podcast. The Wise Guys also attended Day 2 of the Series and we’ll get their kid perspective about this grand event.

This is the 64th year of the Little League World Series.  The first Little League World Series took place in 1947.

This year, more than 7,000 teams started the tournament.  The United States had approximately 6,500 of those teams.  Sixteen teams make it to the Little League World Series.  Eight are from the United States and eight are from abroad.

“Every Baseball PhD needs to come to this event” said Ed Kasputis.  “There is no charge for parking or tickets and it’s pure baseball heaven.  I can’t believe that these kids are 11 and 12.  They play like little big leaguers already.  What I would give to be 12 again!”

Hope from Hawaii

Little League World Series video game



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