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Jonathan Eig with Jon Stewart

Click here to watch Jonathan Eig on the Daily Show – May 3, 2010

This week is Cubs week and today’s post focuses on one of the Cubs biggest fans – Al Capone.

Author Jonathan Eig has just released his book – Get Capone.  A must read for any fan of American culture in the roaring 20’s.

Eig’s book brilliantly debunks many Hollywood myths about the real scarface.  Capone did not order the St. Valentines Day massacre.  Elliot Ness did not catch the ultimate untouchable single handedly.

The Federal prosecution of Capone on tax evasion charges was a sham.  Nobody attended Capone’s funeral in 1947.

Get Capone is a compelling book about Prohibition and the roaring 20’s.  Eig’s 400 page novel is a fast read and a reminder that the bad guys of the 20’s were just as bad as the bad guys of today – the neighborhoods just changed.

Ed Kasputis will be interviewing Jonathan Eig on Thursday, May 13th as Jonathan visits Cleveland as part of his national book tour.  This interview will be included in our May 14th podcast featuring those lovable Cubs.

Jonathan Eig’s Book Tour Schedule

Recent reviews for Get Capone:

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Below is a 52 minute movie about Al Capone that was made in 1998.  While it is a good overview, Get Capone will debunk some of the myths in this movie.

Capone Home

Capone at Northwestern Football Game

Capone Jail Cell in Alcatraz



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  1. Owen Kaiser on Sat, 29th May 2010 7:36 AM 

    You’ve done it again! Superb post.

  2. Marc Johnston on Sun, 6th Jun 2010 4:47 PM 

    The book leaves much to be desired as far as fact checking. See (click and paste below address)

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