Kasputis’ Brave Prediction Rings True – Braves Pick Gonzalez

October 13, 2010 by  
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Braves tap Gonzalez as new skipper October 13 2010

Today, the Atlanta Braves picked Fredi Gonzalez as their new manager.  During our September 24, 2010 podcast featuring the Atlanta Braves, our Ed Kasputis predicted that Gonzalez would be the Bravos new skipper.

“I attended a luncheon in Atlanta on August 7th and had the opportunity to sit at the same table as Fredi Gonzalez,” said Ed Kasputis.  “He was there to give moral support to Braves President, John Shuerholz who was speaking to our group.  In my opinion, Fredi was already the new manager of the Braves.  Today the Braves just told the world.”

Braves Tap Gonzalez



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