My Life as a Turkey

November 23, 2011 by  
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Happy Thanksgiving!

As we sit down this Thanksgiving and share our thanks with our loved ones, let’s show some empathy for turkeys.  Biologist Joe Hutto was given 16 turkey eggs and what started off as a science experiment became an emotional ride.  Throughout 2011 Baseball PhD listeners have heard Ed Kasputis describe the law of imprint (the team you loved as a 3rd grader is the team you’ll love for life.)
The PBS documentary, My Life as a Turkey shares Hutto’s 18 months with a brood of wild turkeys.  Hutto learned to speak “turkey” and even communicated with the brood as they were still in their eggs unhatched.  Click here to watch the full episode of My Life as a Turkey.

The Law of Imprint



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