2012 Detroit Tigers

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Could this be the Year of the Tiger?  Our PhD Committee is in Detroit as our two time predictions champ, Professor Bruce Bukiet makes his 2012 MLB predictions for all teams.  Ed then interviews author, Tim Wendel about his new book, The Summer of ’68: The Season that Changed Baseball and America Forever.  Our podcast concludes as we say good bye to the Motor City and head to Beantown.  Fenway is 100.




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  1. Steve on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 6:03 PM 

    Totally enjoying your podcasts … two things of note … Re: your intro to Tim Wendel … It’s Johns Hopkins University (Wikipedia carried a nice related quote … Milton Eisenhower, once the university’ president, once spoke to a convention in Pittsburgh. Making a common mistake, the Master of Ceremonies introduced him as “President of John Hopkins.” Eisenhower retorted that he was “glad to be here in Pittburgh.”)Have to mention that because my daughter would not let me forget it as she had to teach me!!!! Item #2 … A PhD in Baseball should really include some broader history lessons … how about a series of mini-casts dedicated to a season … cover some highlights … a key game … incident … or player and a WS highlight … maybe clip in part of an interview with an author/jornalist who had something to say aboout that year. Keep up the good work guys … I’m a Jays fan (Hopkins team is the Jays! how cool is that! )but a baseball fan first!

  2. Edward Kasputis on Mon, 23rd Apr 2012 8:24 AM 

    We stand corrected. Thanks for your thoughts and keep listening.

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