2015 World Series

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Episode 328 - 2015 World Series

The Fall Classic has begun as our PhD Committee reviews the first three games between the Royals and Mets.  Sing us. a song, piano man …




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  1. Jeff Cohen on Sun, 1st Nov 2015 11:52 PM 

    Hi Ed, Farley and Mark

    You guys asked who should broadcast the World Series and I have an answer for you. I would choose Bob Costas as play by play and Tim McCarver as color commentator. Vin Scully will always be the best but in an interview I heard, he is done calling the World Series.

    Loved your World Series trivia. The answer was the Cubs has the longest streak of 108 years. San Diego has been in the World Series, in 1998.

    Suggestion for the hot stove podcasts. Why don’t you talk about some of the best teams of all time. The Big Red Machine, the We Are Family Pirates, and my Miracle Mets.

    Looking forward to season 7 of Baseball PHd


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