A Fan’s-Eye View of the Baseball Hall of Fame

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As we get ready for the results of which of our heroes will be elected to the Hall of Fame, Ed Kasputis interviews Matt Sullivan, co-author of A Fan’s-Eye View of the Baseball Hall of Fame: A Critique of Baseball’s Greatest Institution.




2 Comments on "A Fan’s-Eye View of the Baseball Hall of Fame"

  1. Don Harwick on Sat, 17th Dec 2016 7:15 PM 

    Hi guys, I believe you three were discussing the years no one was inducted into the Hall of Fame. I think it was two or three years ago that no one was voted in by the BBWA. I am not sure if in the years you mentioned, an avenue would have been available to induct anyone into the HOF other than the BBWA.

    I also wanted to let you know that I love the podcasts and re-listen to ones I have already heard, especially during the off season. I very much enjoy the discussion of things to do in the Big League cities. Have you ever considered a “Masters Degree of Life through Minor League Baseball’? My family and I have spent the last 23 years going to games in Toledo and the California League. One of the things my son and grandchildren and I try to do, is to make road trips every year to different Minor League teams.

    Thanks again for the podcasts, including the Mini-casts.

    Don Harwick

  2. Edward Kasputis on Sun, 18th Dec 2016 4:07 PM 

    Great ideas Don. In Season 8 we’ll start to help our listeners to get a “Master’s Degree in Life through Minor League Baseball.” Merry Christmas.

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