Toronto Blue Jays

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Episode 25 - Toronto Blue Jays

This week our PhD Committee get their passports stamped as they cross the border and head north to the world class city of Toronto.  Ed tells about his experience in a bi-level suite at the Toronto Renaissance while Farley and Mark explore the rest of Toronto especially Brantford.  Ed then interviews Michael Smolders about the state of both the Blue Jays and Canadian Little League.  Andre Ethier sings Oh Canada from Dodger Stadium and Baseball Bob (the smartest man we know) makes an appearance and throws out his trivia question of the podcast.  Our PhD Committee says good bye to Toronto and instructs their pilot to head to Little Cuba aka Miami for next week’s podcast.  Our PhD Committee declines a trip to Big Cuba once Baseball Bob advises us that the US embargo against Cuba is still in effect.




2 Comments on "Toronto Blue Jays"

  1. Jeff on Thu, 28th Oct 2010 11:34 PM 

    You mentioned in Episode 25 re: the Toronto Blue Jays, that Joe Carter hit his 1993 World Series walk-off HR in Game 7. He actually hit the home run in Game 6. It was the bottom of the 9th, but it was not Game 7.
    I LOVE your site. Keep it up!


  2. EdKasputis on Fri, 29th Oct 2010 7:20 AM 

    Dear Jeff,

    You are right. We stand corrected. Enjoy the Fall Classic.

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