Witness to a Sweep

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Our PhD Committee went to the final game of the World Series to be a Witness to a Sweep. ¬†First Farley pays a bet then Ed, Farley & Dave play baseball at Tiger Stadium and meet Joe Michnuk from the Navin Field Grounds Crew. ¬†Then it’s time to head to Comerica Park to sit in the rain and watch the last game of a great year. ¬†Congratulations Giants and Tigers – wait ’til next year.




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  1. Andorra Shek on Sat, 3rd Nov 2012 12:23 AM 

    Thank you for covering the Navin Field Grounds Crew in your podcast. They’ve started a wave of energy on that corner, and their love for the grounds is an inspiration to Detroiters and speaks to the city’s love of baseball and their Tigers and baseball history.

    A preservation society has been discussed, but when you don’t have a city government’s backing, you can’t even guarantee its preservation, no matter what money you raise. The city has plans to build warehouses or grocery stores on the grounds, and despite the effort, love and money poured in by those who care (the flags flown in the outfield are also privately donated), the city will take the land back and turn it into whatever it wants on any day. Any day can be Navin Field’s last. Cleaning the park and playing there are TECHNICALLY trespass (although the city has stopped limiting access), so it is virtually impossible to get a sponsor to help, as it is technically illegal activity and the city will NOT grant permission. Period.

    It’s too bad.. That feeling of running the same baselines as the greatest in baseball history.. Standing peacefully on the mound and hearing the ghosts of the games past.. WILL most likely also become a thing of the past…..

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