2021 Toronto Blue Jays

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For the first time in over a century, Major League Baseball is in Buffalo as the Blue Jays take refuge from COVID-19 and press on as they try to win the American League East. Ed Kasputis interviews Tom Dakers from bluebirdbanter.com about Canada’s team on loan to the Buffalo.


October 23, 1993

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Joe Carter

This week is Toronto Blue Jays‘ week with our podcast featuring the Blue Jays being released on Friday, August 13th.  October 23, 1993 will always be a great day in Blue Jays history.

It was the 1993 World Series, pitting the defending 1992 World Series Champion Blue Jays against the National League Champion Philadelphia Phillies.  The Blue Jays were leading the series 3 games to 2. Game 6, bottom of the ninth with the Phillies ahead 6 – 5.  Two men were on with Joe Carter at bat and the Phillies’ Mitch Williams on the mound.  Enjoy the video.

Coca Cola Tribute to the 1993 Blue Jays