2023 Los Angeles Angels

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The Angels were playing well until everybody got hurt. Ed Kasputis interviews Jeff Joiner from crashingthepearlygates.com about the Angels plight.


2012 Kansas City Royals

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It’s time for the All-Star Game as the Royals continue to be the Royals.  Our PhD Committee raves about Kansas City and Ed Kasputis interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about All-Star Games past and what makes Kansas City special.  Our podcast concludes as we say good bye to the City of Fountains and hello to Pittsburgh’s PNC Park.


2012 Cincinnati Reds

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The Reds are in first and we’re happy to be in the Queen City.  Baseball Bob analyzes this year’s Reds and Mr. Sports Travel share his ideas of what the see and as always our PhD Committee share their insights.  Let’s take a deep breath, The All-Star Game in Kansas City is next.


Jack Buck and the Super Bowl

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Buck’s Son will broadcast Super Bowl 45

Jack Buck called 11 World Series, 4 Major League All-Star games and 18 Super Bowls.  Our podcast featuring Jack Buck will be released on Friday, January 28th.

During this podcast you’ll also learn that Buck was a proud graduate of Lakewood High School and The Ohio State University.  Ed, Farley and Mark will make their Super Bowl predictions.  Buck’s son, Joe will be part of the Fox broadcast team for Super Bowl 45.  Go Steelers! Go Packers!

Super Bowl 44 Highlights

[tubepress video=”G9Y3TRlp3NI”]