2012 San Francisco Giants

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Let’s leave our hearts in San Francisco as our PhD Committee explores the Bay Area.  Can the Giants bounce back and win the NLWest?  Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor leads us through this world class city and The Bashful Wife that Wants it All shares her insight on what our wives want to see.  Baseball Bob share his insight on Japan as we prepare for next week’s podcast – Oakland A’s in Tokyo.


Fear the Beard Float

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[tubepress video=”OzHqUPekyDY”]

Giants Victory Parade – November 3, 2010

This week is Giants‘ week with our podcast featuring the World Champion San Francisco Giants being released on Friday, March 11th.  The Bay Area celebrated its World Series victory with a ticker tape parade.  Enjoy the above video shot from the Fear the Beard Float.  This is what it feels like when your Major League team finishes the post-season with a win.

More Scenes from the Parade

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2010 World Series

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Episode 35 - 2010 World Series

It’s time to enjoy the Fall Classic.  History will be made.  Either the Rangers will win their first World Series or the Giants will win their first title since moving to the Bay Area in 1958!  Our PhD Committee analyzes the Series.  Ed then interviews Professor Bruce Bukiet from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Matty Staudt from Stitcher Radio and author G. Michael Green about Charlie Finley and his World Series exploits.  The podcast concludes with our PhD Committee listening to Red Barber make the call and Chuck Brodsky’s, Moe Berg – The Song.  Next podcast – Moe Berg – The Catcher Who Was A Spy.


Oakland Athletics

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Episode 29 - Oakland Athletics

It’s our second week in the Bay Area.  Ed, Farley and Mark explore the San Francisco Bay and the Oakland Athletics.  Ed interviews Jay Selman from award winning Grape Radio.  Then it’s time to meet the Z-man, photography icon Michael Zagaris.  Then it’s off to Napa Valley to interview Tab Borge from Classic Convertible Wine Tours.  Last but certainly not least, Ed interviews Steve Elsberry about the 1989 World Series earthquake.  Ever sit in the upper deck during an earthquake?  Steve has.  Our PhD Committee packs up and says good bye to Oakland and hello to Seattle.


San Francisco Giants

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Episode 28 - San Francisco Giants

Our PhD Committee is in beautiful San Francisco.  AT & T Park is spectacular and Farley can’t get enough Gilroy Garlic Fries.  After the fries, Ed, Farley and Mark talk Giants baseball and explore the Bay Area.  Ed interviews John Burbridge about the 1954 New York Giants and the Wise Guys battle it out over Giants’ history.  Our PhD Committee can stay a while, next stop is Oakland.