2022 San Francisco Giants

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Is time running out for the Giants? Ed Kasputis interview Connor Grossman from Giants Postcards about the plight of the Giants.


2021 San Francisco Giants

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We’re at the City by the Bay as we ponder the Giants place in the National League West. Ed Kasputis interviews Paul Sullivan from Locked on MLB Podcast about this year’s Giants.


Out with the Old…

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Out with the Old and in with the New as our baseball world is quickly changing with players opting out of the 2020 season, teams pondering changing their names and the newly born Posey twins. Ed Kasputis interviews new podcaster, David Graf from the Pioneer League Podcast.


2011 Tampa Bay Rays

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We are in two places at once, Tampa Bay and Omaha.  Baseball Bob reviews the Rays and Ed explores the College World Series.  Larry Roth and Brett Clements share their views of Omaha while our PhD Committee passionately debates the role of home plate collisions in baseball.  Then it’s off to the other land of passion for next week’s podcast – Boston.


Buster Posey Home Plate Collision

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Remember Ray Fosse?

This week is Rays‘ week with our podcast featuring the Tampa Bay Rays being released on Friday, June 24th. Almost a month ago, San Francisco Giants catcher, Buster Posey was injured in a home plate collision. Posey is out for the season.

Our PhD Committee will debate the role of home plate collisions in baseball. Was the Posey collision a clean hit or a cheap shot? Listen to our next podcast for an interesting debate on this topic.  In addition, Ed Kasputis will be reporting and tweeting from the College World Series in Omaha on Thursday night.
First video tweet on Twitpic

Buster Posey – Scott Cousins Collision


Behind the Scenes at the 2011 College World Series


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