2019 New York Mets

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Let’s meet the Mets and remember them too as Ed Kasputis interviews Gary Mack from metsmusings.com as we review the 2019 Mets and remember that 1969 “Miracle” Mets.


2018 New York Mets

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We’re in Queens empathizing with Mets fans as they suffer through a tough year. Ed Kasputis interviews Jeff Cohen from the podcast Baseball & BBQ about Jeff’s Mets, his podcast and Citi Field food.


2017 Cincinnati Reds

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We are in the Queen City celebrating our 400th Episode, sharing memories from past podcasts and listening to Ed Kasputis tell his story of attending the last show of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus on May 21, 2017.


2016 New York Mets

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Episode 337 - New York Mets

We celebrate Opening Day.  Ed Kasputis interviews Professor Bruce Bukiet from the New Jersey Institute of Technology about his 2016 MLB predictions and longtime Baseball PhD listener, Jeff Cohen about his beloved Mets.


2015 World Series

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Episode 328 - 2015 World Series

The Fall Classic has begun as our PhD Committee reviews the first three games between the Royals and Mets.  Sing us. a song, piano man …


Episode 300 – New York, NY

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Episode 300 - New York, NY

Welcome to our 300th podcast as we explore the Big Apple, such a vibrant city with so many places to see.  Our PhD Committee talks about the Yankees & Mets and Ed Kasputis interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about all things New York.  Our podcast concludes as Ed Kasputis gets ready for his first Broadway musical, Clinton the Musical.


2014 New York Mets

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Episode 278 - New York Mets

The Mets are in fourth but Citi Field is amazing as Ed Kasputis interviews Joseph Wolkin and Michael Avallone from amazinavenue.com .


2013 New York Mets

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Episode 207 - New York Mets

Citi Field looks great and it’s time for the 84th edition of the Midsummer Classic.  Our PhD Committee interviews Joe Strauss from the St. Louis Post Dispatch on his article – MLB’s All-Star Game is broken – here’s how to fix it.  Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor shares his wisdom on the All-Star game experience.  Our podcast concludes as we say good bye to Queens and head to the City of Bridges – Pittsburgh.


2011 New York Mets

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We went to California to meet the Mets!  From Dodger Stadium, Ed interviews Jeff Kornreich about his Mets.  From Angels Stadium, Ed interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about things to do in New York City.  Zack Hample tells us about his best selling book, Watching Baseball Smarter.  If only the Mets would read Hample’s book!  The podcast concludes as we say good bye to the Mets and get ready for New York’s other team – The Yankees.  Let’s go to East 161st Street together.


Moe Berg – Discover His Story

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Moe Berg - Discover his story

Episode 36

Our next podcast will be about the man who inspired the creation of Baseball PhD – Moe Berg.  It all started on Sunday, April 19, 2009 when Baseball PhD’s future creator, Ed Kasputis was at Citi Field.  Ed was with his family and friend from Philadelphia, David Drubin watching the first Sunday game at the Mets beautiful new ball park.

“It was the 6th inning when David Drubin starting telling me about the incredible story of Moe Berg,” said Ed Kasputis.  A few days later, Drubin mailed a book about Berg to Kasputis.  “I read the first half of the book and came up with the idea of Baseball PhD,” said Kasputis.  “Just like Moe Berg, I wanted to get a PhD in life – through baseball.

Our Moe Berg podcast will be released on Friday, November 12th.  Let’s discover his story together.

Moe Berg Podcast Trailer

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