2011 Chicago Cubs

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We’re at Wrigley Field talking about those lovable Cubs.  Farley’s happy and the Windy City is great until Ed interviews Sean Deveney, author of The Original Curse.  Deveney breaks the news that the 1918 Cubs taught the 1919 Black Sox how to throw a World Series.  Say it ain’t so Farley, say it ain’t so.  After the podcast, we hit the Red Line and head to the south side of Chicago in search of Chicago’s other baseball team and bad bad Leroy Brown.


2011 Seattle Mariners

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The Mariners are hanging tough in the American League West and our PhD Committee is excited to be at beautiful SAFECO Field.  Let it rain.  Let it rain! Farley has picked the Mariners to win their division.  Rocky II, Dave Niehaus, the NFL Draft, Ichiro and the LeBron James of Seattle?  These are just some of the highlights of this podcast as Ed interviews both Arthur Lee and Terrie Aamodt.  The podcast concludes as we grab a Starbucks and catch a plane for the Windy City.  We’ll be in Chicago for the next two weeks for the Cubs and White Sox podcasts.


Cactus League 2011

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It’s time to start Season 2 with our Cactus League 2011 podcast.  We’ll catch up with Marvelous Marv from marvelousmarv.com and then review the movie Fantasyland with Andre Lower from baseballbypositions.com.  Andre will tell us about his website and our PhD Committee will talk about all things Cactus League including the Cubs strategy of scalping their tickets first!  We’ll also hear the wisdom of Bill Veeck about the wonders of spring training.  The podcast concludes as we start our 100 Places to See season long series and our PhD Committee packs up and leaves the desert for the vitamin C of Florida.  Grapefruit League, here we come!


Harry Caray on Crackerjacks

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The Prize Inside

Listen as Harry Caray talks about Crackerjacks during a Cubs game.  Who is at bat during this diatribe?

Caray in his own words

[tubepress video=”XO_x7U7n8iU”]

Caray makes the pitch

[tubepress video=”0YnLlCgO-Gg”]

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