Still Waiting for a Mariners’ World Series

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This week is Mariners‘ week with our podcast featuring the Seattle Mariners being released on Friday, May 6th.  Only two franchises have failed to appear in a World Series, the Washington Nationals (est. 1969) and the Seattle Mariners (est. 1977).

During our next podcast, you’ll hear Arthur Lee remember Mariner broadcast great Dave Niehaus (1935 – 2010).  We’ll also hear from the Professor from Walla Walla, Terrie Amodt as she talks about Mariner history.  All this and more on the next episode of Baseball PhD.

My Oh My – We Miss Niehaus

Seattle Mariners’ Team Pulse
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First Place Colorado Rockies

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We are in The Mile High City as we focus on those division leading Colorado Rockies.  Baseball Bob reviews the Rockies’ success and Ed interviews Kristin Yantis about why Vail is like nothing on Earth.  Another great segment of 100 Places to See and then it’s off to the Pacific Northwest to say hello to Seattle and to remember Hall of Fame sportscaster – Dave Niehaus (1935 – 2010).


Vin Scully

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Episode 37 - Vin Scully

Greatest Baseball Sportscaster of All Time

Our PhD Committee honors Vin Scully as the greatest baseball sportscaster of all time.  We also remember Seattle’s Hall of Fame baseball sportscaster, Dave Niehaus who passed away on November 10th.  Ed, Farley and Mark then explore the life of Scully and listen to some of his greatest clips.  Ed then interviews Dodger faithful and English Professor, Frank Ardolino about Scully.  We then travel back in time and hear Scully’s words of wisdom during his commencement address at Pepperdine University in 2008. Ed and Farley then interview Cleveland radio great, Marty Allen in the first of a six part series of At the Mixer with Marty Allen.  The podcast then concludes as Ed, Farley and Mark preview Snow Days at Progressive Field which will open on Friday, November 26th.  Next podcast – the second greatest baseball sportscaster of all time, Ernie Harwell.


Dave Niehaus

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Dave Niehaus

Rest in Peace

Seattle’s Hall of Fame Broadcaster, Dave Niehaus died of a heart attack on November 10th. He was 75. He was the lead announcer for the Seattle Mariners from 1977 through the 2010 season.

In 2008, the National Baseball Hall of Fame awarded Niehaus with the Ford C. Frick Award, the highest honor for American baseball broadcasters. Among fans nationwide and his peers, Niehaus is considered to be one of the finest sportscasters in history.

Niehaus is noted for using the following catchphrases on Mariner broadcasts:

  • “My, oh my!” – a variant of former Angels partner Enberg’s “Oh, my!”, used for big, exciting plays.
  • “Swung on and belted!” – used on long fly balls that may go over the wall for a home run.
  • “It will fly away!”‘ (sometimes “Fly, fly away!”) – used for home runs.
  • “Get out the rye bread and mustard, Grandma, it is grand salami time!” – used for a grand slam home run by a Mariners player.
  • “The Mariners have erupted!” – used during scoring outbursts

The Creator of “A-Rod”

It was Niehaus who first called then Mariner Alex Rodriguez – “A-Rod.”  The nickname stuck.

Our next podcast will be released on Friday, November 26th.  This podcast will feature sporstcaster great, Vin Scully.  This podcast will also have a segment honoring Dave Niehaus who loved his craft even though his beloved Mariners never took him to the World Series.

Dave Niehaus Obituary

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