The Forgotten Game

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Ed Kasputis interviews John Vampatella about his great new book, The Forgotten Game. Let’s go back to 2004 and remember.


Fans in the Stands?

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Will there be fans in the stands in April? We celebrate MLB’s first female general manager as the Marlins hire Kim Ng and we interview Jeff Cohen from Baseball and BBQ podcast on whether it makes sense for the Mets to trade for Francisco Lindor.


2018 Miami Marlins

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Miami is beautiful as the Marlins endure their deconstruction. Ed Kasputis interviews baseball author, Sam Zygner about the Loria Marlins, the Jeter Marlins and The Forgotten Marlins.


2018 New York Yankees

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The Bronx Bombers are hitting home runs at a record pace but do they need more starting pitching? Ed Kasputis interviews Yankee sportscaster Ed Randall as our PhD Committee awaits the new Moe Berg bio pic, The Catcher was a Spy.


2014 Wild Card Preview

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Episode 284 - Wild Card Preview

Jeter is out and the A’s are in.  We look forward to the playoffs and salute our three 2014 MLB Prediction champions, Professor Bruce Bukiet from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Justin Woods from Melbourne, Australia and Andre Lower from


Flash Orchestra Tribute to the 2012 New York Yankees

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We often refer to the New York Yankees in our podcasts as the Evil Empire.  Even our listeners from Germany took note and offered this flash performance as we remember Derek Jeter and his teammates.



The Smolders take New York

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The City that never sleeps

This is Yankees‘ week with our podcast featuring the New York Yankees being released on Friday, July 22nd.  The Smolder family from Toronto, Canada headed south for a baseball road trip to remember. Boston on the 4th of July, Yankee Stadium to watch future Hall of Famer, Derek Jeter collect hit 3,000 and a visit to the sleepy village of Cooperstown to salute Yankee greats and Derek Jeter’s future home.  Click here to read their story.

Better than their written account will be their interview as Ed Kasputis interviews Mike and Donna Smolders.  You’ll hear Donna compare and contrast Fenway Park to New Yankee Stadium.  Mike loves Jackie Robinson.  Donna is on the gold standard, only Babe Ruth will do when it comes to baseball idols. The family visited the graves of both as the lives of these two great men continue to inspire fans who love the game.

New York Yankees Team Pulse
Listen to our 2010 New York Yankees Podcast

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All Roads Lead Through NY and Phil

Billy Martin


All Roads Lead Through NY and Phil

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All Roads Lead through NY and Phil

Last year, the New York Yankees defeated the Philadelphia Phillies in 6 games in the 2009 World Series. This year, it looks like a rematch is probable.  Both teams swept their opponents in 3 games and await their next opponent in the League Championship Series.

Our next podcast will be released on Friday, October 15th and will feature the League Championship Series.  Right now, it looks like all roads lead through New York and Philadelphia.

Winning it in 6 is not good enough