2014 Seattle Mariners

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Episode 279 - Seattle Mariners

Can the Mariners cap off a great year with a wild card berth?  Who would’ve thought as Ed Kasputis interviews Matt Ellis from lookoutlanding.com.  Does the baseball soul of the AL East now reside in the AL West?


2013 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

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Episode 192 - Los Angeles Angels

Our listeners have increased 631% in one year.  Our PhD Committee is happy but the 4th place Angels are not.  Angels Stadium is beautiful as Ed Kasputis and Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor remember meeting each other for the first time at this ball park.  Ed also interviews former Angels bat boy, Paul Hirsch about his beloved Angels.  The podcast concludes as we say good bye to the home of Disneyland and fly east to a strong city that has been in our prayers – Boston.



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Orange County

Welcome to the good life!

OC is for Orange County.  Home to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Disneyland and countless other wonderful places.  When you catch an Angels game, stop and smell the oranges.  There is much to see and enjoy.

This week is Angels week.  Our podcast featuring the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will be released on Friday, July 9th.  Ed, Farley and Mark will be discussing the OC.

Walking on Sunshine in Orange County