World Baseball Classic

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Let’s get ready for the 2017 World Baseball Classic as Ed Kasputis interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about this new Spring Classic.


2016 I Love LA

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I Love LA - Episode 344

We love LA as our PhD committee talks about the Angels and Dodgers.  Ed Kasputis interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about things to do and Eric Stephen from about this year’s Dodgers.


2013 Los Angeles Dodgers

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Episode 190 - Los Angeles Dodgers

We love LA and its time for Dodger Baseball!  Ed & Farley talk about the Dodgers and our PhD Committee reviews the movie 42.  Our podcast concludes as we leave Dodger Stadium and head to Orange County for our Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim podcast.


2013 Chicago Cubs

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Episode 189 - Chicago Cubs

Go Cubs Go!  Farley loves Wrigley and we love Farley.  Our PhD Committee honors America’s Second City. Ed Kasputis interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connors about the Windy City and then Ed interviews author, Roberts Ehrgott about his wonderful new book, Mr. Wrigley’s Ball Club: Chicago and the Cubs during the Jazz Age.  Our podcast concludes as we leave baseball 2nd oldest ballpark and head to baseball’s third oldest ballpark.  It’s time for Dodger baseball.


2012 Los Angeles Dodgers

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It’s time for Dodger baseball and Magic Johnson’s Group to assume control of this storied franchise.  Our PhD Committee talks about this purchase and whether the US Supreme Court will overturn Obama Care. Ed Kasputis interviews Eric Stephen from about the Dodgers and authors, Kevin O’Connell and Josh Pahigian about their new edition of their book, The Ultimate Baseball Road-Trip.  The podcast concludes as we say good bye to LA and get ready for our St. Luke’s Hospital minicast as Ed Kasputis re-traces Moe Berg’s steps from this famous Tokyo hospital.


Miami Marlins

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Our PhD Committee is in Little Havana as we open baseball’s newest major league ballpark – Marlins Park. Ed Kasputis interviews Michael Jong from about the new ball park and the Marlins‘ new additions.  Ed then interviews George Ustet from about baseball and Cuba. Our podcast concludes as we say good bye to Billy the Marlin and realize that “it’s time for Dodger baseball.”  Dodger Stadium just turned 50.  Next podcast it’s time to Think Blue.


2011 Los Angeles Dodgers

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Dodger Stadium is beautiful.  Think Blue as our PhD Committee talks about the Dodgers and their divorcing owners, The McCourts.  Anthony Salazar fills us in on the Dodgers other Hall of Fame broadcaster, Jaime Jarrin who has been calling Dodger games in Spanish since 1959.  Plus the podcast is filled with many trips down memory lane, Jackie Robinson‘s Hall of Fame acceptance speech, Walter O’Malley explaining why he moved the Dodgers and Kirk Gibson‘s World Series walk off home run.  Next podcast will be a special edition on Major League Realignment that will be released on Monday, August 1st.


Jaime Jarrin

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Calling Dodger games since 1959

He’s the Vin Scully of Spanish baseball broadcasting.  On top of that he’s been calling Dodger games since 1959!

Born in Ecuador, Jaime Jarrin is the “Spanish Voice of the Dodgers.”  Jarrin was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1998 making the Dodgers as the only major league organization with two current Hall of Fame broadcasters.  During our next podcast featuring the Los Angeles Dodgers, Ed Kasputis will be interviewing Latino Baseball Historian, Anthony Salazar about Jaime Jarrin.  It’s always time for Dodger Baseball.

A No Hit Dodger Win

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2011 New York Mets

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We went to California to meet the Mets!  From Dodger Stadium, Ed interviews Jeff Kornreich about his Mets.  From Angels Stadium, Ed interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about things to do in New York City.  Zack Hample tells us about his best selling book, Watching Baseball Smarter.  If only the Mets would read Hample’s book!  The podcast concludes as we say good bye to the Mets and get ready for New York’s other team – The Yankees.  Let’s go to East 161st Street together.


I am … I said

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Meet the Mets

This week is Mets’ week with our podcast featuring the New York Mets being released on Friday, July 15th. Last week I went to Dodger Stadium to meet the Mets and sit behind home plate with my good friend Jeff Kornreich.

I first met Jeff as a freshman at Case Western Reserve University in August 1979.  Jeff was the first New York Met fan that I had ever met.  As a Cleveland native, I figured that all New Yorkers had to be passionate Yankee fans.  Jeff set me straight.

After graduating from Case, Jeff moved to Los Angeles and has never left.  A die hard Mets fan surrounded by Dodger Blue.  During our next podcast, you’ll hear my interview with Jeff about his beloved Mets.  It was great spending time with my friend as we watched the Mets lose to the Dodgers.

After the game, as we said good bye, I thought of that great Neil Diamond song as Jeff walked away from Dodger Stadium.

LA’s fine, sunshine most of the time
The feeling is laid back
Palm trees grow and the rents are low
But you know I keep thinking about
Making my way back

Well, I’m New York City born and raised
But nowadays, I’m lost between two shores
LA’s fine, but it ain’t home
New York’s home but it ain’t mine no more

New York Mets Team Pulse
Listen to our 2010 New York Mets Podcast

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