2019 Wild Card Preview

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Congratulations to the A’s, Rays, Nats and Brewers for making the MLB playoffs.  Ed Kasputis interviews Jeff Cohen from Baseball and BBQ podcast about his recent baseball road trip to Cincinnati and Alex Hall from athletics nation.com about the upcoming Wild Card games.  Our podcast concludes from Fort Worth, Texas as our PhD Committee says good bye to Globe Life Park by attending the park’s final two games.


So Long Globe Life Park

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It’s time to say long to Globe Life Park as our PhD Committee prepares to attend the park’s final two games.  Ed Kasputis interviews Paul Sullivan from Locked on MLB podcast about the Rangers and their soon to be old home.


Ron Washington

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Rangers Manager – Ron Washington

This week is Rangers‘ week with our podcast featuring the American League Champion Texas Rangers being released on Friday, March 18th.  During this podcast we’ll hear from Bob Bavasi from Japanball.com about the earthquake in Japan.  Then we’ll hear from Baseball Bob (the smartest man we know) and hear his opinion on whether the Rangers can repeat in 2011.

Ranger Red

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Fort Worth Stockyards

Texas Rangers

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Episode 23 - Texas Rangers

We are deep in the heart of Texas!  Ed, Farley and Mark explore the MetroplexDallas.  So much to see and do, Fort Worth Stockyards, Cowboys Stadium with their lovely cheerleaders and Rangers Ballpark.  Ed shares his rodeo experience and interviews Branch Rickey expert, Lee Lowenfish.  Ed then interviews Brad Horn from the Baseball Hall of Fame about the 3 men who were inducted on July 25th.  Our PhD Committee then fuels up the car and heads to the next great Texas city – Houston.


Fort Worth Stockyards

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Fort Worth Stockyards

This week is Rangers‘ week with our podcast featuring the Texas Rangers being released on Friday, July 30th.  Fort Worth is 33 miles east of Dallas.  Fort Worth is the 17th largest city in the United States.

The Fort Worth Stockyards is a national historic district with shopping, lodging and entertainment such as rodeos.  During our next podcast, Ed Kasputis will share the details about his visit to the rodeo.

Fort Worth Stockyards Rodeo – Part 1


Fort Worth Stockyards Rodeo – Part 2