2013 Tampa Bay Rays

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Episode 219 - Tampa Bay Rays

Can the Rays catch the Red Sox?  We’re in St. Petersburg enjoying the Gulf breeze.  Ed Kasputis interviews Steve Kinsella from draybays.com and Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about all things Tampa.  Our podcast concludes as we head east across Alligator Alley.  Next stop – Miami.



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This week is Rays‘ week with our podcast featuring the Tampa Bay Rays being released on Friday, August 27th.  Tampa is on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The Rays play in St. Petersburg, 24 miles to the south.

Tampa is a delightful city (and former home to Yankees late owner George Steinbrenner).  The Rays home, Tropicana Field has a dome and is a great place to watch a game and as you can see from the video below – make friends.

Travel Guide – Tampa


Raymond vs. Wally  – “Why Can’t We Be Friends”