Memorial Day 2011 – Remembering Hank Gowdy

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Hank Gowdy (1889 – 1966) was the first Major League player to enlist during World War I.  Gowdy also enlisted in the military during World War II with the baseball field at Fort Benning bearing his name.  During our last podcast (Episode 58 – Minnesota Twins), Ed Kasputis interviewed Frank Ceresi about this patriot.

Gowdy made his major league debut in 1910 with John McGraw’s Giants.  A year later he was traded to the Boston Braves.  In 1914, Gowdy was the Braves catcher.  On July 4, 1914, the Braves were in last place in the National League.  Two months later, the Braves were in first place and became the first team to win the pennant after being in last place so late in the season.  Gowdy lead the Braves to a World Series sweep over the favored Philadelphia Athletics.

Gowdy has been unsuccessful in 17 attempts to be voted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  Gowdy passed away in Columbus, Ohio in 1966.

National Memorial Day Concert – Charles Durning

The American Cemetery in Normandy

2011 Minnesota Twins

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Memorial Day 2011, our PhD Committee is back in beautiful Minneapolis but what a difference a year makes.  The Twins are struggling and in last place. Ed interviews Stew Thornley about Harmon Killebrew.  Frank Ceresi shares his thoughts on MLB veteran Hank Gowdy and and our PhD Committee debates whether playoff expansion is wise.  Then we pack up for the Motor City.  Next week, it’s time to ponder whether the Tigers can catch those Indians?