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Calling Dodger games since 1959

He’s the Vin Scully of Spanish baseball broadcasting.  On top of that he’s been calling Dodger games since 1959!

Born in Ecuador, Jaime Jarrin is the “Spanish Voice of the Dodgers.”  Jarrin was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1998 making the Dodgers as the only major league organization with two current Hall of Fame broadcasters.  During our next podcast featuring the Los Angeles Dodgers, Ed Kasputis will be interviewing Latino Baseball Historian, Anthony Salazar about Jaime Jarrin.  It’s always time for Dodger Baseball.

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Hope Springs Eternal

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Opening Day - Hope Springs Eternal

Opening Day 2011 will be Vin Scully’s 62nd opening day for the Dodgers. Scully started his career with the Dodgers in 1950.

Scully’s first team was not the Brooklyn Dodgers but the New York Giants.  It all started during the 1936 World Series when Scully was 9.  The Yankees won the World Series but the Giants won Scully’s heart.

Our next podcast featuring Vin Scully will be released on Friday, November 26th.

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