2013 Houston Astros

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Episode 183 - Houston Astros

We’re deep in the heart of Texas as the Astros prepare to enter the American League.  Ed shares his trip to the World Baseball Classic in Miami.  Ed also interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor and Ed Seitz from baseball-roadtrip.com.  Our podcast concludes as we say good bye to Houston and head to Baltimore‘s Inner Harbor.


2011 Houston Astros

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The Astros are in last but Houston is a great city.  Our PhD Committee talks about Houston and the Astros. Ed Kasputis interviews both Timothy De Block from crawfishboxes.com and James Yasko from astroscounty.com about the Astros.  The Astros have many great fans (including George H.W. Bush) and their day will come.  Ed, Farley & Mark debate whether Little Leaguers should be paid for appearing in the Little League World Series and another great segment of 100 Places to See.  We then pack up and head east.  Next week it’s time to enjoy the Inner Harbor and the Baltimore Orioles.


Who’s in First – August 30, 2011

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Can the Professor Repeat?

This week is Astros week with our podcast featuring the Houston Astros being released on Friday, September 2nd.  Ed Kasputis will be interviewing Timothy De Block from crawfishboxes.com and James Yasko from astroscounty.com about their beloved Astros.

On another note, with 30 days left in the regular season, Professor Bruce Bukiet from the New Jersey Institute of Technology is leading in our predictions contest.  If the season would end today, 6 of Bukiet’s 8 teams would make the playoffs (Red Sox, Yankees, Tigers, Rangers, Phillies & Braves.)  Jonathan Eig and Baseball PhD’s Mark Rantala are tied for second with 5 teams that would make the playoffs today.

“The key is the American League Central.” says Ed Kasputis, Creative Director of Baseball PhD. “Professor Bukiet has picked the Tigers while Jonathan Eig has chosen the White Sox.  Whoever wins the AL Central will win it all.  Catching the Professor will be as hard as catching the motivated Astros fan whose video is below.”


Houston Astros Team Pulse
Listen to our 2010 Houston Astros Podcast

2011 Florida Marlins

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It’s our last trip to Sun Life Stadium but there are no tears.  Marlin fans deserve better and next April they’ll get their state of the art ball park.  Dave Matejczyk takes us to baseball heaven – the Dominican Republic.  Sam Zygner talks about his beloved Marlins and we listen to the late great, Clarence Clemons (1942 – 2011) as he plays opening day for the Marlins.  Our PhD Committee leaves some luggage behind since we’ll be back next April.  Next stop, Houston.


Houston Astros

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Episode 24 - Houston Astros

Today, our PhD Committee is in America’s 4th largest city – Houston, Texas.  Ed, Farley and Mark explore Houston.  First, Ed interviews Charlie and Sandy Brading about their long time neighbor and friend, Neil Armstrong.  Then Ed interviews Jack Moore from Space Center Houston about this 1,000 acre complex that hosts Mission Control.  Ed then interviews long time Astros fan, Bill Gilbert and learns a thing or two about MLB’s salary arbitration process.  Our PhD Committee then wraps up the show as they leave the former Republic of Texas and cross the border – to Canada.  Toronto here we come!


400,000 plus two

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400,000 plus 2

It took the efforts of 400,000 people plus two to put a man on the moon.  This week is Astros‘ week and how can any baseball fan forget that Mission Control is in Houston?  The below video was shot almost seven years before America landed on the moon.

During our podcast featuring the Houston Astros, Ed Kasputis will be interviewing Jack Moore from Space Center Houston.  Ed will also interview Charlie and Sandy Brading from Wapakoneta, Ohio.  The Bradings have known Neil Armstrong for over 60 years.

Our Astros’ podcast will be released on Friday, August 6, 2010.

plus two


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Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States and home to the Houston Astros.  The Astros play in beautiful Minute Maid Park with its high tech retractable dome.  Houston is a diverse city with much to do. Any Baseball PhD would be hard pressed to visit Houston and not learn much about the world.

This week is Astros‘ week with our weekly podcast featuring the Houston Astros being released on Friday, August 6th.  Ed, Farley and Mark will be reporting from deep in the heart of Texas!

One Day in Houston


Minute Maid Park

Texas Rangers

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Episode 23 - Texas Rangers

We are deep in the heart of Texas!  Ed, Farley and Mark explore the MetroplexDallas.  So much to see and do, Fort Worth Stockyards, Cowboys Stadium with their lovely cheerleaders and Rangers Ballpark.  Ed shares his rodeo experience and interviews Branch Rickey expert, Lee Lowenfish.  Ed then interviews Brad Horn from the Baseball Hall of Fame about the 3 men who were inducted on July 25th.  Our PhD Committee then fuels up the car and heads to the next great Texas city – Houston.


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