The Greatest Tiger – Ty Cobb

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This week is Tigers‘ week with our podcast featuring the Detroit Tigers being released on Friday, June 3rd. We’ll hear Baseball Bob’s take on this year’s Tigers and we’ll hear an 81 year old interview from Hall of Fame great, Ty Cobb (1886 – 1961).  “Ty Cobb was the youngest to reach 3,000 hits,” said Ed Kasputis, Creative Director of Baseball PhD.  “Our listeners will hear Cobb’s voice which captures his personality and spunk.  It will be a great podcast with lots of insight.”

Ty Cobb – American Legend


What Would You Do to See Ty Cobb?

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Ernie Harwell

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Episode 38 - Ernie Harwell

This podcast features baseball sportscaster great, Ernie Harwell.  Our PhD Committee first reviews Major League Baseball’s playoff expansion idea of adding an additional wild card team in each league and then shifts into analyzing who is listening to our podcasts.  Then it’s time for Harwell.  Hear Harwell’s moving 1955 poem – The Definition of Baseball, then hear Harwell’s account of baseball’s Shot Heard ‘Round the World.  Ed Kasputis then interviews baseball author, Irwin J. Cohen about his friend, Ernie Harwell. The podcast concludes with At the Mixer with Marty Allen as Marty relives his most memorable day in radio – Sunday, October 26, 1997 as our PhD Committee gets ready for our next podcast featuring sportscaster great, Mel Allen.


Irwin J. Cohen

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Irwin Cohen

Irwin J. Cohen is an author who used to work in the front office for the Detroit Tigers.  Ernie Harwell was Irwin’s friend.

This week is Ernie Harwell week with our podcast featuring this great sportscaster being released on Friday, December 10th.  Ed Kasputis will be interviewing Irwin J. Cohen about Ernie Harwell.  “A great many insights were offered by Irwin during our interview,” said Ed Kasputis, Creative Director of Baseball PhD.  “We’re excited to share those insights in our next compelling podcast.”

The Strength of Detroit


Honoring Harwell

The Classic Calls of Ernie Harwell

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