2022 New York Yankees

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The Yankees are still in first place after a slow July and a disastrous August. Can the April Yankees reappear and be a playoff force? You be the Judge. Ed Kasputis interviews Andrew Mearns from pinstripealley.com.


Sterling & Waldman

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Here Come the Yankees

This week is Yankees‘ week with our podcast featuring the Bronx Bombers being released on Friday, July 22nd.  John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman are the radio voices of the New York Yankees.

Sterling has announced every Yankee game since 1989 and is currently announcing games on WCBS-AM. Suzyn Waldman had been his color commentator since 2005.  Waldman is currently the only female color commentator in the Major Leagues.  Prior to her broadcasting career, Waldman worked as an actress and singer in musical theater.  She has also performed the National Anthem at many Yankee games.

John Sterling

Suzyn Waldman