A Fan’s-Eye View of the Baseball Hall of Fame

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As we get ready for the results of which of our heroes will be elected to the Hall of Fame, Ed Kasputis interviews Matt Sullivan, co-author of A Fan’s-Eye View of the Baseball Hall of Fame: A Critique of Baseball’s Greatest Institution.


San Francisco Bay

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Episode 350 - San Francisco Bay

Our PhD Committee enjoys San Francisco Bay as Ed interviews Connor Grossman from knbr.com about his Giants and Alex Hall from athleticsnation.com about his A’s (and Warriors).  Go Cavs!


Baseball Comedy

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Episode 329 - Baseball Comedy

Our PhD Committee examines and celebrates the comedians who love baseball through their unforgettable skits.


2014 Atlanta Braves

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Episode 270 - Atlanta Braves

We’re in Atlanta enjoying the Capitol of the South.  Ed Kasputis interviews Brooks Mathis from the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce about the Braves future move up north and Bennett Hipp from talkingchop.com about this year’s Braves.


2011 Florida Marlins

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It’s our last trip to Sun Life Stadium but there are no tears.  Marlin fans deserve better and next April they’ll get their state of the art ball park.  Dave Matejczyk takes us to baseball heaven – the Dominican Republic.  Sam Zygner talks about his beloved Marlins and we listen to the late great, Clarence Clemons (1942 – 2011) as he plays opening day for the Marlins.  Our PhD Committee leaves some luggage behind since we’ll be back next April.  Next stop, Houston.


2011 Seattle Mariners

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The Mariners are hanging tough in the American League West and our PhD Committee is excited to be at beautiful SAFECO Field.  Let it rain.  Let it rain! Farley has picked the Mariners to win their division.  Rocky II, Dave Niehaus, the NFL Draft, Ichiro and the LeBron James of Seattle?  These are just some of the highlights of this podcast as Ed interviews both Arthur Lee and Terrie Aamodt.  The podcast concludes as we grab a Starbucks and catch a plane for the Windy City.  We’ll be in Chicago for the next two weeks for the Cubs and White Sox podcasts.


Grapefruit League 2011

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Florida rocks as our PhD Committee ponder the issues of the day.  Will Albert Pujols be the next LeBron James?  Is quadruple-A baseball coming to a small market near you?  Did Bernie Madoff kill the Mets and will “The Donald” be the new Steinbrenner?  Then the podcast gets even better as Ed interviews Mr. Sports Travel aka Joe Connor about the Grapefruit League.  The podcast concludes as Farley plays us out with the fight song for our first team of the season, the World Champion San Francisco Giants.  Bye Bye Baby.


Baseball PhD meets Little Billie

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Little Billie

One of the great things about baseball road trips are the people you meet.  Little Billie is no exception.  Ed Kasputis was walking outside Sun Life Stadium on August 4th when he met Little Billie.

Little Billie is excited that the Miami Heat added LeBron James and Chris Bosch to their roster.  Please LeBron, don’t quite on Little Billie.  He still thinks that you are more than a Scottie Pippen.

Little Billie at Sun Life Stadium

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