2021 St. Louis Cardinals

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The Cardinals are in 3rd but still have a shot at the post-season. Ed Kasputis interviews Josey Curtis from vivaelbirdos.com about the state of the Cardinals.


2020 Minicast – Little League

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Due to the Coronavirus, Little League has cancelled all of its World Series events for 2020. Let’s go back to 2013 as Ed Kasputis interviews Brian McClintock from the Little League about its upcoming 2013 World Series and much more.


2017 Tampa Bay Rays

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We congratulate the Little League team from Tokyo, Japan for winning this year’s Little League World Series.  We then focus on the Tampa Bay Rays and all things Tampa.


2014 Minicast – Little League

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Episode 208 - Little League

Ed Kasputis interviews Brian McClintock from the Little League about its upcoming World Series and much more.


Minicast – 100 Places to See, Part 18

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As we remember Pear Harbor, let’s remember some baseball places that gave our fathers joy.


2011 Houston Astros

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The Astros are in last but Houston is a great city.  Our PhD Committee talks about Houston and the Astros. Ed Kasputis interviews both Timothy De Block from crawfishboxes.com and James Yasko from astroscounty.com about the Astros.  The Astros have many great fans (including George H.W. Bush) and their day will come.  Ed, Farley & Mark debate whether Little Leaguers should be paid for appearing in the Little League World Series and another great segment of 100 Places to See.  We then pack up and head east.  Next week it’s time to enjoy the Inner Harbor and the Baltimore Orioles.


2011 Pittsburgh Pirates

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Oh those Pirates.  They teased their fans by being in first but have faded.  Our PhD Committee talks about the Pittsburgh Pirates and the great city of Pittsburgh.  Ed Kasputis interviews Charlie Wilmoth from bucsdogout.com and Steve Barr from the Little League.  The Little League World Series starts on August 18th and we review this bucket list event.  We then pack up and head to Miami Gardens to say good bye to Sun Life Stadium and hello to the Florida Marlins.


2011 Little League Series is Coming!

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This week is Pirates‘ week with our podcast featuring the Pittsburgh Pirates being released on Friday, August 19.  On Thursday, August 18th, one of the greatest baseball events of the summer begins in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania – The Little League World Series.

Ed Kasputis will be interviewing Steve Barr from Little League about this event.  The Little League World Series runs from Thursday, August 18th to August 28th. All events are free as is parking.  If you love baseball, a trip to South Williamsport will make a great baseball road trip.

Scenes from the 2010 Little League World Series


Pittsburgh Pirates Team Pulse

Listen to our 2010 Pittsburgh Pirates Podcast

PhD Theater is now open!

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Welcome to PhD Theater

PhD Theater is now open.  The purpose of PhD Theater is to showcase cinematic works that will help you get your PhD in life – through baseball.  During our next podcast featuring baseball sportscaster, Jack Buck (Episode 41, release date: January 28, 2011) Ed, Farley & Mark will be reviewing the 2006 PBS documentary, Kokoyakyu – High School Baseball.

This 54 minute film is about the Koshien Tournament.  Four thousand high school teams compete in a single elimination tournament.  In 2010, Japan won the Little League World Series.  For the members of that team, their next baseball goal is to lead their high school to victory in the national tournament.

Send us your thoughts and comments about this film by 7:00 am. on Saturday, January 22nd and we just might include your comments with our review of this documentary.  ideas@baseballphd.net.

Kokoyakyu – High School Baseball (2006) – Now Playing at PhD Theater

Koshien Tournament – High School Pitcher gets to 95.69 mph

[tubepress video=”tIf0tMlU90Q”]

Tampa Bay Rays

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Episode 27 - Tampa Bay Rays

Our PhD Committee is in Tampa analyzing why the Tampa Bay Rays are an elite franchise that wins without spending foolishly.  Ed, Farley and Mark explore all things Tampa (and St. Pete)  while Ed interviews super fan, Bill Dunstone.  Ed and Mark then head to the mountains to watch pure baseball heaven – the Little League World Series.  The Wise Guys get in the action as they battle out another episode of baseball history.  Our PhD Committee packs up for their last West Coast road trip of the season.  It’s time for all of us to get ready to leave our hearts in San Francisco.


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