Marvelous Marv & the Cactus League

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Cactus League 2011

This is Cactus League week with our podcast featuring the Cactus League being released on Friday, February 25.  During this podcast we’ll catch up with a good friend of the podcast, Marvelous Marv. Marvelous Marv is a private tour operator for the Grand Canyon.

Listen to our 2010 Cactus League Podcast (Episode 3 released on March 12, 2010)

2010 Marvelous Marv interview

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Grand Canyon

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Marvelous Marv collage

This week is Diamondbacks’ week with our June 11, 2010 podcast featuring the Arizona Diamondbacks. Arizona is home to one of the seven natural wonders of the WorldThe Grand Canyon.  The Grand Canyon is 228 miles from stunning Phoenix and 277 miles from beautiful Las Vegas.  The best rim to visit is the South Rim.

During our Cactus League podcast (Episode 2), we interviewed Marvelous Marv who conducts tours of the South Rim.  Since that interview, we’ve gotten feedback from our listeners who have taken a Marvelous Marv Grand Canyon tour and confirmed that it is second to none.

Baseball PhD meets Marvelous Marv

Cactus League

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Marvelous Marv

Marvelous Marv

Rodney Johnson

Rodney Johnson

Baseball Bob

Baseball Bob

The Cactus League starts its 65th season and it is better than ever!  2010 marks the first year that the Cactus League has as many teams as the Grapefruit League – 15 teams each.

Episode 3 starts with Ed, Farly and Mark longing for a plane ticket to Phoenix.  In the next best thing, Ed interviews Marvelous Marv, Grand Canyon tour guide extraordinaire.  Marvelous Marv takes our brains through the wonders of the Grand Canyon and teaches us about the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.

Rodney Johnson from teaches us about the history of the Cactus League and then the Wise Guys test their knowledge about spring training in Arizona.  Lastly, Baseball Bob makes his glorious debut and presents his trivia question of the podcast.  What current U.S. Senator pitched a no hitter in both leagues?


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