2021 Washington Nationals

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We’re Nuts about the Nats. Can 22 year old Juan Soto lead the Nats to the post season or will the Nats just be average? We debate.


2019 World Series

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Our PhD Committee gets ready for the Fall Classic as we review both teams on a position by position basis. Did you know that during the last 112 games of this season, both teams had nearly identical records?


2013 Washington Nationals

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Episode 187 - Washington Nationals

Sports Illustrated picks the Nationals to win the 2013 World Series.  Are the Nats jinxed or are they poised to go all the way?  Ed Kasputis interviews Professor Bruce Bukiet from the New Jersey Institute of Technology about his 2013 MLB predictions.  Joe Drugan from thenatsblog.com shares his insight about the Nationals.  The podcast concludes as we leave D.C. and head to the Capitol of the MidwestChicago.  Go Cubs!


2012 Washington Nationals

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It’s September and the Nationals are in first!  What a difference a year makes as Ed Kasputis interviews Joe Drugan (for the second year in a row), managing editor of thenatsblog.com.  Joe Connor from mrsportstravel.com shares his wisdom on what to do in the D.C. area during September.  Our podcast concludes as we say good bye to our nation’s capitol and head east to another MLB city whose team has exceeded everyone’s expectations – Pittsburgh.


2011 Washington Nationals

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The Nats are improving!  Strasburg is back and Bryce Harper is waiting in the wings.  We are in D.C. as Ed Kasputis interviews Joe Drugan from thenatsblog.com and author, Tim Wendel about the fastball.  Our PhD Committee enjoys the city where we send our tax dollars but after the podcast head due west to The Gateway to the WestSt. Louis.  Can the Cardinals make the playoffs?


Racing Presidents at the Ballet

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This week is Nationals’ week with our podcast featuring the Washington Nationals being released on Friday, September 16th.  The Nationals have improved and Ed Kasputis will be interviewing Joe Drugan from thenatsblog.com.

All teams have mascots but who can’t enjoy The Racing Presidents whether they are racing around Nationals Park or performing ballet at our Nation’s capitol. Play ball(et)!

Washington Nationals Team Pulse
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