2023 New York Yankees

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Welcome to Episode 666 where we talk about the Mark of the Beast and honor the Beast of the East, New York Yankees. Ed interviews Andrew Mearns from pinstripealley.com about his beloved Bronx Bombers.


2021 New York Yankees

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The second half of the season has begun but some Yankees have COVID-19 again. Can the Yankees make a run or will the virus make them done? Ed Kasputis interviews Andrew Mearns from pinstripealley.com about those men in pinstripes.


2019 New York Yankees

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Can the Yankees heal their way to the World Series?  Ed Kasputis interviews Marcus Guy from yanksgoyard.com about this year’s Bronx Bombers.


2018 New York Yankees

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The Bronx Bombers are hitting home runs at a record pace but do they need more starting pitching? Ed Kasputis interviews Yankee sportscaster Ed Randall as our PhD Committee awaits the new Moe Berg bio pic, The Catcher was a Spy.


2017 Wild Card Preview

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October is here!!! As we prepare for the Wild Card games, we pay homage to the Minnesota Twins who lost 103 games last year and have now made this year’s playoffs. We also discuss our beloved national anthem, the NFL and President Trump.


2017 New York Yankees

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Are the Yankees back?  Our PhD Committee explores that concept as Ed Kasputis interviews Andrew Mearns from cut4.com about the Bronx Bombers.


2016 New York Yankees

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Episode 358 - New York Yankees

A-Rod has left the building as we talk about the Big Apple and the Evil Empire.  Ed Kasputis interviews  Andrew Mearns from pinstripealley.com and Peg Zitko from libertyellisfoundation.org.  Go Yankees!!!


2013 New York Yankees

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Episode 196 - New York Yankees

We’re in the Bronx and founding PhD member Mark Rantala is back from the heart of Texas.  The Yankees are in first and Ed Kasputis interviews comedian and author, Steve Melia who attended all 162 Yankee games during 2011.  Our podcast concludes as we head west to Milwaukee for the best tailgating in the land.


The Smolders take New York

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The City that never sleeps

This is Yankees‘ week with our podcast featuring the New York Yankees being released on Friday, July 22nd.  The Smolder family from Toronto, Canada headed south for a baseball road trip to remember. Boston on the 4th of July, Yankee Stadium to watch future Hall of Famer, Derek Jeter collect hit 3,000 and a visit to the sleepy village of Cooperstown to salute Yankee greats and Derek Jeter’s future home.  Click here to read their story.

Better than their written account will be their interview as Ed Kasputis interviews Mike and Donna Smolders.  You’ll hear Donna compare and contrast Fenway Park to New Yankee Stadium.  Mike loves Jackie Robinson.  Donna is on the gold standard, only Babe Ruth will do when it comes to baseball idols. The family visited the graves of both as the lives of these two great men continue to inspire fans who love the game.


New York Yankees Team Pulse
Listen to our 2010 New York Yankees Podcast

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New York Yankees

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Jonathan Eig

Jonathan Eig

New York, New York!

Welcome to Baseball PhD.  New York, New York,  the unofficial capitol of the world and home to the most valuable franchise in baseball history, The New York Yankees.

In this episode, Ed, Farley and Mark talk about the Big Apple and how to enjoy it to the max.  Farley reviews his first movie – The Pride of the YankeesWatch it here for free!

Next Ed interviews, Jonathan Eig about his 2005 Baseball Book of the Year, Luckiest Man.  After three years of exhaustive research, Eig shares his knowledge about the game’s greatest first baseman, Lou Gehrig. The interview concludes with Ed learning that Al Capone was a loyal Cubs fan.  Learn more about Capone on April 27, 2010 as Eig’s next book, Get Capone is released.

The Wise Guys battle it out over New York Yankees history and Baseball Bob concludes our podcast with the trivia question of the podcast.  Who was the last player to hit four home runs in one game? Lou Gehrig hit four home runs in one game on June 3, 1932 against the Philadelphia Athletics.

Lou Gehrig’s Farewell speech from The Pride of the Yankees, 1942.


2010 Season Preview

Read the Sporting News 2010 Season Preview for the New York Yankees.

Yankee Facts:

New Yankee Stadium opened on April 16, 2009.  Capacity is 52,325 and is located across thestreet from Old Yankee Stadium in the South Bronx.

New Yankee Stadium cost $1.5 billion, making it the most expensive ball park ever built.Derek Jeter

Old Yankee Stadium’s capacity of 57,545 was 10% bigger than New Yankee Stadium.

Flagship Radio Station is 880 AM WCBS.  All Major Leagues games can also be heard  on XM Radio.

Public Transit:  New York City has an expansive subway system.  Its the best way to get to a game at New Yankee Stadium.

Another great way to see the Big Apple is through a Circle Line Tour.

Pre-Game Rituals:  Walk the exterior of the ball park and take in the atmosphere.  Enter the park early and visit monument park.  Park opens when the gates opens and closes 45 minutes before the game.  Bring your camera!

Things to see.  The right field bleacher’s creatures roll call salute.  They clap in unison chanting the name of every Yankee on the field until each player acknowledges the cheer.  Alcohol is not sold in the right field bleachers.

Touring NYC

Central Park

Central Park

Times Square

Lower Manhattan

New York Stock Exchange

South Street Seaport

Battery Park

Central Park


Greenwich Village

Seinfield diner at West 112th and Broadway


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