2016 Minicast – 100 Places to See, Part 17

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Episode 169 - 100 Places to See, Part 17

This minicast we explore a league by a Cape, a town for Dodgers and a place in Nebraska where all roads lead.


Minicast – 100 Places to See, Part 17

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This minicast we explore a league by a Cape, a town for Dodgers and a place in Nebraska where all roads lead.


2012 College World Series

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It’s great to be in Omaha for another College World Series.  We remember the first two College World Series while Marina Keegan ’12 (Yale) reminds us about The Opposite of Loneliness.  Ed Kasputis interviews Larry Roth about this year’s College World Series and Cleveland Plain Dealer award winning science writer, John Mangels about the science of concussions and will it doom the NFL?  Our podcast concludes as we head east for next week’s podcast featuring the Chicago White Sox.  Will the Supreme Court rule on ObamaCare by then?  Say it ain’t so, Barack.  Say it ain’t so.


2011 Boston Red Sox

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This week the South Carolina Gamecocks were hot as they won their second consecutive College World Series.  The Red Sox were not as they slipped into second in the American League East.  Matt Kory from OverTheMonster.com fills us in on the team he loves while Dave Brown from BigLeagueStew.com compares and contrast Fenway against Wrigley.  Our PhD Committee is in love with Boston as we say goodbye and get ready for the All-Star break. as the Arizona Diamondbacks become the last team to host the MLB All-Star Game.


2011 Tampa Bay Rays

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We are in two places at once, Tampa Bay and Omaha.  Baseball Bob reviews the Rays and Ed explores the College World Series.  Larry Roth and Brett Clements share their views of Omaha while our PhD Committee passionately debates the role of home plate collisions in baseball.  Then it’s off to the other land of passion for next week’s podcast – Boston.


Buster Posey Home Plate Collision

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Remember Ray Fosse?

This week is Rays‘ week with our podcast featuring the Tampa Bay Rays being released on Friday, June 24th. Almost a month ago, San Francisco Giants catcher, Buster Posey was injured in a home plate collision. Posey is out for the season.

Our PhD Committee will debate the role of home plate collisions in baseball. Was the Posey collision a clean hit or a cheap shot? Listen to our next podcast for an interesting debate on this topic.  In addition, Ed Kasputis will be reporting and tweeting from the College World Series in Omaha on Thursday night.
First video tweet on Twitpic

Buster Posey – Scott Cousins Collision


Behind the Scenes at the 2011 College World Series


Tampa Bay Rays Team Pulse
2010 Tampa Bay Rays Podcast

Past Posts about the Tampa Bay Rays


2010 Little League World Series – Day 2

2011 Kansas City Royals

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Happy Father’s Day from the Great Midwest!  Our podcast is from both Kansas City and Omaha as the College World Series opens on June 18th.  Ed Kasputis interviews Joe Connor about Father’s Day and Matt Miltner about the new TD Ameritrade Park – Omaha.  Another great segment of 100 Places to See and Ed shares his first home run and who caught it.  Then it’s off to the Gulf Coast.  Next podcast will feature the Tampa Bay Rays.


Out with the Old and In with the New

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The Road to Omaha!

The College World Series is set to begin on Saturday, June 18th and the eight teams have been set – North Carolina, Vanderbilt, Florida, Texas, California, Texas A & M, Virginia and defending champion, South Carolina.  The great people of Omaha are also set to open their new stadium, TD Ameritrade Park – Omaha.

Ed Kasputis will be interviewing Matt Miltner about this new ball park.  Matt was one of the designers for this unique ball park.  Our next podcast will be released on Friday, June 17th and will feature both the Kansas City Royals/College World Series.

TD Ameritrade Park – Omaha

The College World Series Experience

Kansas City Royals Team Pulse
Listed to our 2010 Kansas City Royals/College World Series Podcast

Past Posts about the Kansas City Royals/College World Series

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

College World Series – June 22, 2010

2010 College World Series

Kansas City Royals

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Kansas City Royals

We are in the City of Fountains focusing on the Kansas City Royals and beautiful Kauffman Stadium. Harry S. Truman Library, World War I Museum and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum are great sites to see.  Ed then reports from Omaha about the College World Series.  Byron Motley gives us insight about his dad’s career as an umpire in the Negro League.  Our PhD Committee concludes the podcast with a good bye to Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha and a hello to our next destination, The Mile High CityDenver.


College World Series – June 22, 2010

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Matt den Dekker

This week is Royals week with our June 25th podcast featuring the Kansas City Royals.   184 miles to the north lies the 42nd largest city in America – Omaha, Nebraska.  Omaha is home to the College World Series which started on June 19th.  Florida and Arizona State have already been eliminated.  Oklahoma plays Clemson tonight at 9 pm (EST) on ESPN2.

On our next podcast, Ed Kasputis will be reporting from the College World Series.  Click here to see what Ed saw during the first game.  Remember the name – Matt den Dekker.  He’ll be a big leaguer soon.

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