2019 San Diego Padres

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We remember the Angels with their no hit tribute honoring Tyler Skaggs and Ed Kasputis interviews author Brittany Frederick from friarsonbase.com about her team down the road from Anaheim, the San Diego Padres.


Who’s in First? May 1, 2011

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The Professor takes the lead (as usual)

May 1st marks the first measurement of our Baseball PhD MLB Predictions Contest.  The concept is simple.  Pick the eight teams that will make the Major League Baseball playoffs and get a point for each team that you pick correct.  The only score that counts is when the season concludes on Wednesday, September 29th.

9 Participants

This contest has nine participants.  Each participant has predicted that the Red Sox and Phillies will make the 2011 playoffs.  Consequently, everyone’s other six picks will determine the outcome of the contest.  If the season were to end on April 30th, the 8 playoff teams would be:


American League                                                National League

New York Yankees                                       Philadelphia Phillies

Cleveland Indians                                        St. Louis Cardinals

Texas Rangers                                            Colorado Rockies

LA Angels/Tampa Bay Rays                           Florida Marlins

No Participant has picked the Indians, Rays or Marlins to make the playoffs

Last year’s defending champion, Professor Bruce Bukiet currently has four points (Yankees, Rangers, Phillies & Cardinals).  In second with 3.5 points (Yankees, Angels, Phillies & Rockies) is Rodney Johnson form playballexperience.com.

4 Participants are tied in third with three points

Andre Lower (Yankees, Phillies & Rockies) from baseballbypositions.com is tied with each member of our PhD Committee with three points each.  We’ll see in another 30 days if Professor Bukiet’s’ power of math wins the day again.

Who’s in First – June 1, 2010

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Who's in First - June 1, 2010

Professor Bukiet takes the lead!

What a difference a month makes!  On April 2nd, our PhD committee along with Professor Bruce Bukiet and Rodney Johnson made their 2010 Major League predictions.  Thirty days ago, Rodney Johnson from playballexperience.com had the most accurate predictions.

After two months of baseball, Professor Bukiet is in the lead with 4.5 points.  Ed Kasputis and Mark Rantala are tied for second with with 3.5 points.  Bukiet predicted that the Twins, Yankees, Rays, Cardinals and Braves would make the playoffs.  Bukiet earned .5 points since the Cardinals are tied for first with the Reds.  Ed predicted that the Twins, Yankees, Cardinals and Braves would make the playoffs.  Mark predicted the Rays, Twins, Yankees and Cardinals would make the playoffs.

Our 2010 Major League predictions will be measured again on July 1, 2010.