2021 Pittsburgh Pirates

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We’re in Pittsburgh enjoying PNC Park as Ed Kasputis interviews Angela Zandier about Pup Night. When was the last time you took your dog to the ballpark?


Is PNC Park the most beautiful Major League ballpark?

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PNC Park

Is PNC Park the most beautiful Major League ballpark?  Many Baseball PhD fans think so.  How can you beat the water feature and vista of the beautiful Allegheny River where you can dock your boat beside the ballpark and catch a Pirates game?  The farthest seat in the ballpark is just 88 feet from the field.

At night, the downtown Pittsburgh skyline is stunning as is both the view and experience of walking across the Roberto Clemente Bridge.  This week is Pirates‘ week with our podcast featuring the Pittsburgh Pirates being released on Friday, October 8th.  Ed Kasputis will be interviewing Pittsburgh pediatric dentist and entertainer, Howard Elson as Elson makes the case that PNC Park is the most beautiful Major League ballpark.

PNC Park – The Perfect Ballpark

Primanti’s is also at PNC Park