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Episode 21 - San Diego Padres

Ed, Farley and Mark are in America’s Finest City, San Diego.  Our PhD Committee explores all things San Diego.  Ed then gets wisdom from James D. Smith III as he learns about the Padres and the importance of having a hobby.  Ed then interviews Brad Horn from the Baseball Hall of Fame as it prepares for its annual Hall of Fame Weekend which will take place from July 23 – 26.  The Wise Guys get back to the future as they battle it out with a baseball history quiz and ponder what would have happened had Ray Kroc not saved the Padres from moving in 1974.  At the end of the podcast, our PhD Committee salutes San Diego Bay and heads north toward Hollywood.  Next week is Dodgers‘ week, think blue.



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Map to PETCO Park

PETCO Park is the beautiful home of the San Diego Padres.  Ed, Farley and Mark will be reviewing this ballpark during our podcast featuring the San Diego Padres.  This podcast will be released on Friday, July 16th.

PETCO the pet supply retailer purchased the naming rights when the park opened in 2004.  This ballpark is by the San Diego Bay but you cannot see the bay from any vista from your seats.  The ballparks’ fixed seating capacity is 42,500 with an additional 3,500 places for lawn seating and standing room only.

Ed Kasputis visited PETCO Park on June 28th.  “Bring a windbreaker.  To my amazement it was cold and slightly spitting but the ballpark is beautiful and a must see for any fan seeking a Baseball PhD.”  Kasputis continued, “the Padres have had only three rainouts in 25 years.  Their version of June gloom is a gray day with no chance of rain.”

PETCO Park slide show

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