2019 San Francisco Giants

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Are the Giants in the playoff hunt? Ed Kasputis interviews Connor Grossman from Sports Illustrated about the Giants and much more.


2018 San Francisco Bay

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We’re in the San Francisco Bay as we talk about the Giants, Athletics and the A’s search for a new ballpark. Ed Kasputis interviews Alex Hall from athleticsnation.com.


2017 San Francisco Giants

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Opening day has arrived as we enjoy AT&T Park by the San Francisco Bay.  Ed Kasputis interviews Connor Grosssman about his beloved Giants.  Is this the year of the Giant?


San Francisco Bay

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Episode 350 - San Francisco Bay

Our PhD Committee enjoys San Francisco Bay as Ed interviews Connor Grossman from knbr.com about his Giants and Alex Hall from athleticsnation.com about his A’s (and Warriors).  Go Cavs!


World Champion San Francisco Giants

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Beautiful San Francisco

Our PhD Committee is in beautiful San Francisco to honor the new World Champions with three great guests.  First we measure the pulse of the Giants.  Ed then interviews author and professor, Josh Pahigian about his book, 101 Places to See Places to See before You Strike Out.   Then its time to catch a ferry to Alcatraz with Tegan Firth from alcatrazcruises.com.  Lastly Ed interviews Curtis McHale of SFN Design about metered internet usage.  Our podcast concludes as we leave our hearts in San Francisco but take our Teappetites to deep in the heart of Texas.  Next stop, Arlington to honor the American League Champion, Texas Rangers.


Beautiful AT & T Park

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[tubepress video=”Kty6uc9IOU0″]

It’s Giants’ week!

This week is Giants’ week with our podcast featuring the World Champion San Francisco Giants being released on Friday, March 11th.  “AT & T Park is my favorite Major League ballpark,” said Ed Kasputis, Creative Director of Baseball PhD.  “The water features and the intimacy are second to none.  The only way the park could have been better is if it was built on an island in San Francisco Bay.”

Listen to our 2010 San Francisco Giants podcast

Check out our SF Giants Team Pulse

During our upcoming San Francisco Giants podcast, our PhD Committee will be reviewing the team pulse of the Giants organization.  You may view this document by clicking on the headline above.

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Oakland Athletics

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Episode 29 - Oakland Athletics

It’s our second week in the Bay Area.  Ed, Farley and Mark explore the San Francisco Bay and the Oakland Athletics.  Ed interviews Jay Selman from award winning Grape Radio.  Then it’s time to meet the Z-man, photography icon Michael Zagaris.  Then it’s off to Napa Valley to interview Tab Borge from Classic Convertible Wine Tours.  Last but certainly not least, Ed interviews Steve Elsberry about the 1989 World Series earthquake.  Ever sit in the upper deck during an earthquake?  Steve has.  Our PhD Committee packs up and says good bye to Oakland and hello to Seattle.